To former and inactive members


A warm welcome to you from The Mother Church, whether you consider yourself an inactive, an active, or a former member.  The Mother Church holds a permanent, unconditional love for all who are currently active or inactive members.

A fairly common situation is where individuals feel uncertain about their membership—they may have joined when they were in Sunday School, drifted away later, and don’t remember if they joined The Mother Church or if they are still a member. It is easy to find out if you are a member. Please email and include your name, address, phone, number, and member number (if you have it). Just ask the Office of the Clerk to verify you are a member and if we have your correct contact information. If your name has changed, it is helpful to include your former name too. We’ll get back to you soon.

Another occasional question is what happens if someone hasn’t paid the Per Capita Tax. He or she remains a member in good standing.

You are lovingly invited to watch the webcast of Annual Meeting. You can find helpful information on If you have any other questions, feel free to send them to

Church is members working together. It continually changes. I’m sure you’ll find today’s Mother Church is moving forward in its expression of love and care for members and for humanity.


Suzanne Riedel
Clerk of The Mother Church