Video subtitles

Right now the volunteer program for subtitles as ended.  We are leaving these instructions up for internal use at The Mother Church so they will know how add subtitles to the shorter Mother Church videos using open source software Amara (Universal Subtitles).

Subtitling a video 

1. Pick a video and open it.

The video list is at the bottom. When you open the video, you will see the video box at top. There is a small arrow under the box. Click it and you can play the video in English or in any language with complete subtitles. Note: right now there are problems playing the videos on the most recent versions of Firefox. Chrome works well. 

Subtitles Amara 1 first click

2. Next step

Under the video box shown above you will see the following (red arrow in illustration) with links to specific instructions: 

  1. No. 1 will tell you which translations are completed and which are partially done. We will update this message when a new translation is completed.
  2. If subtitles are started, you can use the link in No. 2 to "Improve" or complete them.
  3. If you don't see the language you want, you use the link in No. 3 to "Start a New Translation."
Amara First Step

Once you click on either Improve the subtitles or Start a new translation, you'll see instructions. You will find it easier to do the work if you open two webpages: one for the video you want to translate and one for the instructions.

3. Thank you for your help!

Videos ready to be subtitled

Each of these videos has subtitles in English to make it easier for you to translate. The most recent video is at the top.

Christ healing is a key focus

Church Alive Annual Meeting February 2014

February 2014: The Board of Directors share a greeting along with three videos of healing from three different countries.