The Mother Church and the Christian Science Publishing Society have both official translations and volunteer translations.

Official translations

Here are a few examples of official translations: The Office of the Publisher’s Agent provides translations of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and Mary Baker Eddy’s other writings. Bible Lesson Products provides Bible Lessons from the Christian Science Quarterly in a variety of languages. The Herald translates articles and testimonies. And the Office of Language Services translates a variety of other materials such as Church communications, lectures, and web content.

The Church and the Publishing Society also use volunteer translators. If you are interested in volunteering to translate, check the opportunities below.

Volunteer translations

You are invited to translate materials on a volunteer basis, provided that you comply with the guidelines given. Please note that each type of translation has its own set of guidelines.

Videos from the Christian Science Board of Directors relating to Annual Meeting

Thank you to the volunteers who helped add subtitles to the short video messages. The Mother Church has changed the process. We will now be using translators provided by the Office of Language Services here.  

Hymns and Hymnal Supplement

The Christian Science Hymnal (or a portion of it) has been translated into 16 languages. Supplement hymns will be offered in the future when the collection (or a portion) can be translated, reviewed, engraved, and international copyright permission is obtained for each translation of each hymn.

The Christian Science Publishing Society (CSPS) has permission to do translations for many but not all Supplement hymns. The copyright status on each hymn text and tune is unique and, for some, quite complicated, according to why, where, and how a hymn translation will be published, used, and distributed. Also, copyright laws also vary from one country to the next so international copyright is needed for CSPS published translations.

Individuals who wish to translate a hymn for use in any format—print, audio, video, online, etc.—will need to do their own legal research to obtain permission from the copyright owner, as needed, for the intended use and distribution of the translation.

Please see related information posted on the Hymnal Supplement pages. Further questions may directed to 

Articles from The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel and The Herald of Christian Science

We encourage members of The Mother Church who are able translators (fluent both in English and a language in which there is no Herald) to email The Herald of Christian Science about becoming volunteer translators at

To see the list of languages where informally translated articles are currently available, go here:

Christian Science Bible Lessons

Volunteer Bible Lesson Translation Committees around the world have been authorized to translate the Lesson passages into languages that Science and Health has not yet been published in.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

We are not actively searching out translators of Science and Health. Translation is currently going on in various languages, as a collaborative effort between the Office of the Publisher’s Agent and Christian Science practitioners and members of branches of The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Products from General Publications

At this time General Publication does not use volunteer translators or translations.