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Successfully sending boxes of literature to a branch of The Mother Church in another country requires persistence and attention to detail.  Each year The Mother Church sends over a half a million dollars' worth of new periodicals and books to branches in over 70 countries which, due to differences in economies, are not able to pay the full US price.  Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned in shipping literature to our branches:

  1. Develop a relationship with members of the receiving branch.
  2. Find out what they need.  Some branches have very little literature in their Reading Rooms, others are stocked with some of the latest literature.
  3. Work closely with the branch requesting literature to be sure they are ready to accept responsibility for the arriving package and have the financial resources to cover any additional fees. Even when the Christian Science Publishing Society pre-pays duties through our shipping company, members from the requesting branch will sometimes tell us there were additional customs fees, hidden fees, and sometimes the boxes never even arrived.   
  4. Be aware of the date when the package is supposed to arrive and get in touch with the branch to see if they’ve taken delivery of the package, or need to check with their local shipping contact.  
  5. Pray about sending boxes of literature from beginning to end.  

The Mother Church is not able to recommend which branches are in need of literature, including books.  It is best to contact directly any branch with which you're considering sharing literature. 

If you still have questions, you're welcome to email globalinfo[@]

If you'd like to support The Mother Church's efforts to send new literature, donations can be made to the fund for developing countries by contacting philanthropy[@]