Christian Science Activity in Africa

In 2009, The Mother Church began a specific initiative focused on seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  The intent of this program was to help identify the most appropriate ways that The Mother Church could support the growth of Christian Science in these fields.  Through travel and on-the-ground research and contact with members, the goal has been to support local initiative and activity and to encourage healing. For further information, contact globalinfo[@]  

Douala, Cameroon

Members in Douala, Cameroon

Mayal Tshiabuila, DRC

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  Member Activities

    Grant Programs


Member Activities in Africa

TMCY Summits

African Christian Science Youth Summits are locally initiated, locally run, and locally funded events for the purpose of engaging youth in the wide channels of Church activity.  These events provide an opportunity for young people to get together across their country and region, to gain a deeper understanding of Christian Science through lectures and interactive Church Manual-based activities.  TMCYouth has collaborated with local church communities to organize 17 summits in African countries over the past five years. Check out photos, videos and content from past summits here.

Reading Rooms

Congo RR display and librarian

Librarians around Africa are taking innovative and prayerful steps to share Christian Science with their communities.  From city-center Reading Rooms to small push carts, members are finding ways to make literature accessible to the public.  To engage with the international RR discussion forums go to:

Reports from field visits

Lari and Kenya members

Lari Snorek-Yates, C.S. has been visiting Christian Science branches in Africa for the past four years in over ten countries. The goal has been to develop a closer relationship with the African fields and to identify how The Mother Church can most appropriately support Christian Science activityaround Africa.  Written and video reports will be coming soon!

Grant Programs

Ways to donate

For branches or members looking to specifically support Manual-based Christian Science activities in African countries, there is a “developing countries fund” at The Mother Church where donations can be made. Email philanthropy[@] for details.

Financial assistance

South African Church

The goal of Mother Church financial assistance in African countries is to support efforts already underway on the ground locally.  More than aid, the real intention of grants is to invest in locally-initiated projects or efforts. The Mother Church does not create and fund projects around the globe.  Rather, we look for ways to encourage the capacity of local members to grow in their understanding of Christian Science and their efforts to bring healing to their communities.  

Literature benevolence activity

Teens reading

The Mother Church currently operates a subsidy program for sending Christian Science literature into over 70 countries around the world, including throughout Africa.  The intent of this program is to assist with affordability of Christian Science literature in less-developed countries. If you or your branch is considering sending literature abroad, here are some recommendations that may help you.


Metaphysical articles

Below is a list of some recently published articles in the Journal, Sentinel and Herald that relate to Christian Science in Africa. To access the full version online, you will need a JSH-online subscription.  Find out more here.

1) "Delight in international giving" by Peter Dry.  July 23, 2012 issue of The Christian Science Sentinel.

2) "The Christian Science Board of Directors goes to Africa" by Nathan Smith.  August 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

3) "Except God" by Margaret Rogers.  July 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

4) "Are you active in a 'small' church?" by Lyle Young. September 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

5) "Spiritual Progress in Africa: Meetings in Congo and Cameroon reveal fresh, inspiring views of church" by Larissa Snorek-Yates (with contributions from Moïse Bikaï Mabong, Landry Atangana, Angélique Bongolo, Philippe Kouakira-Miere). August 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

Metaphysical articles Africa photo

7) "Our infinite supply of oil" by Emmanuel Umoh.  July 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal.  

6) "West African Welcome: A three-week trip to Ghana and Nigeria offers two Mother Church employees a glimpse of a growing Christian Science movement" by Amy Nagel and Larissa Snorek-Yates.  February 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

8) "Notes from the Ghana and Nigeria TMC Youth spiritual activist summits" by Patrick Essobo, Joseph Megwe, Daniel Koku Atidzon, Ani Mohammed, Imaisong Ekpo Etim, Rizyndai Ogbonna. April 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

9) "A prayer to heal poverty in Africa" by Bosede Funmilola Bakarey. June 18, 2007 issue of The Christian Science Sentinel.

10) ". . . and a church grows in Nanyuki, Kenya" by Jane Mirianki. December 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal.

Lectures in Africa

Christian Science lectures are held throughout Africa. They cover a variety of personal, health, community, and global topics and show how the teachings of Christian Science bring healing and regeneration to both individuals and communities. To watch a lecture given in Lagos, Nigeria, click here.