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Programs outside the US

Manual-based activities

The most important and effective support The Mother Church can provide is for activities defined by the Manual of the Mother Church. Global in its approach, The Mother Church maintains specific funds and staff to support these important activities. 

Financial assistance


The Mother Church has grants available from restricted funds to enable branches to purchase computers for their Reading Rooms, to provide second or third lectures of the year in their communities, and to undertake small projects to improve existing edifices.  


There are many ways that The Mother Church supports sending literature to over 70 countries around the world, including a subsidy program to aid with affordability of Christian Science literature in less-developed countries. Individuals are also welcome to send literature, but here are some recommendations in that regard. 

Field workers

Communications Coordinators

Communication Coordinators 2012

The Mother Church Communication Coordinators are local members appointed to provide assistance to churches, individual church members and friends in over 50 countries around the world. These individuals facilitate greater mutual understanding between The Mother Church and its members in their fields, helping overcome language and technology barriers. When requested, they also facilitate interactive Manual workshops to help nurture and strengthen branches. 

Treasurer’s Representatives

These Representatives are also local members who help transact payments and donations from branches and members in 17 developing countries to The Mother Church.

What can I do?

The most important support you can give is active, specific prayer. The Christian Science Monitor and JSH Online offer plenty of subjects and ideas if you're wondering where to begin. If your prayers lead you to desire to take other practical steps, there are a few other ideas on this page.  

Sharing Christian Science in other languages

The link—"languages"—on the upper right leads to basic information about Christian Science in each language. This information is suitable for sharing with friends or visitors to your church or Reading Room who speak other languages. You can also share The Herald with them.


The Mother Church has both official translations and volunteer translations. If you are fluent in English and another language and wish to volunteer to help translate and subtitle videos, please read about video subtitles. more

Fund for developing countries

For branches or members looking to specifically support Manual-based Christian Science activities in developing countries, there is a fund at The Mother Church to which donations can be made. Email for details.  

Supporting schools 

The Mother Church does not financially support schools operated by or for Christian Scientists, does not have a fund for that purpose, nor does it provide information or endorsement regarding financial support of any Christian Science-related school in the US or in other countries. We recommend that members interested in making a donation to a school should investigate the school as you would any other charitable organization.

In Africa

A number of departments at The Mother Church send staff into sub-Saharan African countries to work with the growing fields there, including the Board of Lectureship, the Committee on Publication and TMCYouth.  In addition, members of the International Service Department travel to African countries to increase understanding of a right relationship between The Mother Church and the fields.  Learn more