Get help and help others in Boston

Help through Christian Science is not limited to members of The Mother Church. If you live near Boston, or if you're visiting, and are seeking help through Christian Science, see below.

Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses 

If you are seeking healing, you can get help from Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses.

Attend a church service

You are warmly welcome at the Sunday services and Wednesday testimony meetings of The Mother Church. Ask questions of any usher or member. At the services, members join in praying for the whole congregation. Those under 20 are welcome at Sunday School.

Visit a Reading Room

In Boston, you can visit The Mother Church Reading Room. It’s a peaceful and inviting place to be. Everyone is welcome to come in, ask questions, research prayer and healing, or purchase Bibles, Science and Health, other works by Mary Baker Eddy, literature, and music.


If you are in the military, you can find a Christian Science Military Chaplain on some bases. There are also non-military (civilian) chaplains serving at some  prisons and other institutions in the United States.  

Helping others and volunteering

Members of The Mother Church can serve as an usher, as a teacher in in the Sunday School, or on other committees (prison ministry, lecture, care). Learn more 

Volunteering at The Mother Church

Would you like to volunteer? Local members—living in the greater Boston metro area— are welcome to volunteer at The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts, USA