Mark Swinney, CSB

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Sandia Park, New Mexico USA — Mark Swinney has dedicated his life to praying with people and, as a teacher of Christian Science, empowering people to pray effectively for themselves. For more than two decades now, Mark has devoted his full time to the public practice of healing spiritually. His love for God shines very brightly, and he has traveled much of the world speaking honestly and candidly about the healing power of prayer.

A long-time writer, Mark was managing editor for some of the Christian Science magazines, and editor of the book, Healing Spiritually. Since serving as President of The Mother Church, Mark and his wife, Renee, reside full time in beautiful New Mexico.

Lecture Titles

What is it that connects prayer with healing?

This lecture is all about the power of God’s love to heal.  In it, I explore how feelinghow sensing spirituallythe presence of God as Love has the effect of bringing moments of wonderful inspiration and enlightenmentmoments that actually reform and cure.


Eternal Life: Could it be that God didn't intend you to age?

To be God’s offspring affords us countless freedoms—one such freedom being that we are excluded from any time-tables of birth into or death out of matter. It makes sense that neither Spirit nor Spirit’s creation ever will be slaves to time. In this lecture I address how specifically to lay hold on divine Spirit’s gift of eternal life, and how we can claim this divine gift of eternal life for ourselves, here and now.

Much more going on than meets the eye—a reflective look at the reality of things

This is a new lecture in which, along with the audience, I explore the reality of things—the real substance of things.  We start by examining and analyzing that which appears real and isn’t, along with what might not seem so real, yet, as it turns out, is more substantial than anyone could have, at first, imagined!
Life is significantly different from what you and I have been educated into believing it is.  In fact, it’s actually much better—and knowing something about it actually brings regeneration and healing.

Contact information

Mark Swinney, CSB
Sandia Park, New Mexico, USA, North America
phone: 505-250-7027