Marie Ann Helm, CSB

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

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In the spring of 1991, Marie had an opportunity to participate in a sister-city visit to the Russian Far East. She soon discovered that what she thought would be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure was only the first step in an ongoing series of events that has bound her life to a people and culture which she has come to deeply love and respect. One visit led to another, and soon she was given an opportunity to work with two Russian-American women’s centers. Her heart was deeply touched by the generosity, kindness, and openness of the people she met. She discovered that, like people everywhere, Russians are spiritually minded, and whenever there was a break from the center’s daily business, people asked her about her faith and about spiritual healing. Sharing Christian Science with them became a natural activity that enriched her life and touched many other lives.

Marie is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science. She has served the Church of Christ, Scientist, as Committee on Publication for Alaska, and while living in Alaska was a representative on her community’s interdenominational church council. She also visited inmates at a state correctional facility and has served as a member of the volunteer chaplain staff at a regional hospital. Her connection with the Russian people has continued to grow, and she now lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, February through May and August through October of each year supporting the Christian Science movement in the Russian-speaking field.

Lecture Titles

Conversations with God: scientific discoveries about prayer, our health and well being

Finding solutions and opportunities through a spiritual perspective

Overcoming the culture of fear

Science and spirituality: Separate or intertwined?

Knowing who you are—the key to improving your life and health

Contact information

Marie Ann Helm, CSB
North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, North America
phone: 702-343-9443