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Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England — I grew up in a family in which Christian Science was at the heart. The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy became like good friends and from them I learned how to pray. The foundation of effective prayer is an understanding of God’s nature and of one’s relationship to God, and on this basis I found that prayer is a natural and gentle way to take care of one’s health and activities. This gave me a great sense of security and so when I left home and went to university to study Politics I made the decision to keep Christian Science at the centre of my life. I am so glad that I did! In my studies, in business and in bringing up a family of three children I have found its teachings invaluable.

For me, the most wonderful thing that Mary Baker Eddy has given mankind through Christian Science is an explanation of God which is accessible and meaningful to people from all backgrounds and with diverse interests. I have always loved exploring ideas about the role of God in our lives — with young people in Sunday School and with the public through my work as a Christian Science Practitioner and Teacher, as a Prison Chaplain and as Committee on Publication for Gloucestershire.

The needs of humanity haven’t really changed since Bible times and one of the greatest today remains the need for mental peace and security. Good health, good relationships and a good life follow from that. I would like lecture audiences to know that they can find whatever they need through understanding God and how He works in their lives.

Lecture Titles

God is working for good in your life

This lecture takes the audience on a journey of spiritual discovery to explore the different aspects of God’s nature and to see how these work for good in individual lives.  It gives a perspective on effective prayer as spiritual reasoning, based on understanding the relationship of God to man, and it explains and illustrates the method of healing in Christian Science.

Your status is "blessed" (youth lecture)

This lecture is offered with young people and social media users in mind but the ideas it presents apply to everyone.
It shows how each individual’s spiritual profile (identity) is the consequence of his or her connection (relationship) with God.
It looks at ways of thinking and acting that give one a sense of value and act as a force for good, and finds these in Christ Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.
It opens up thought both to experience healing and to be a healer and it includes Biblical and contemporary illustrations of resolving difficult relationships and mental and physical health issues.

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Lindsey J. Taylor, CSB
Gloucester, Glos, England, UK, Europe
phone: 01452 780235