Laura Lapointe, CS

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Available for youth and institutional lectures only
San Diego, California USA — Sometimes I feel like the best way to introduce myself to people is to point them to I Corinthians 15:10, where it says “…by the grace of God I am what I am”.  Maybe the most important thing for you to know about me is that I am someone who has experienced grace and witnessed its profound effect on the lives of others, and my desire is to share as widely as possible that no one is beyond hope and nothing is impossible for God.
When I was maybe twelve or thirteen, I remember watching a Bill Moyers documentary about the song Amazing Grace.  On it was a profile of the Boys Choir of Harlem, and one of the choir members, a boy close to my age, talked about what grace meant to him.  I ended up doing an internship at the Boys Choir of Harlem and working there after finishing my acting studies at NYU, where my main focus was the university gospel choir.  Since then, gospel music has been a constant in my life.  I’ve sung with several choirs and groups in the Boston area and done some solo work as well.
Singing and praying have been my first loves ever since I can remember, but along the way I’ve had opportunities to do a variety of meaningful types of work.  Perhaps most transformative was my work at a prison, where I taught literacy skills, provided case management for inmates who were transitioning back to their communities, started a choir, and ran a Bible study.  Through the support of TMCYouth, I developed an inspirational program to share with audiences in prisons, halfway houses, and juvenile detention centers and recorded this video about my experience.  I’ve also worked with young people considered “at risk”, served at the Christian Science Publishing Society and TMC Youth in various capacities, taught public speaking classes, volunteered as a mediator after getting trained at Harvard Law School for a community program there, and developed a one woman show about my non-traditional work experiences.  In branch churches I've been an usher, chair and member of many committees, Sunday School teacher, substitute soloist, and First Reader.
My love for sharing dialogue about faith and my hunger to learn more about the Bible led me to earn a Master of Divinity, for which I focused on worship, theology, and the arts.  I continue to enjoy singing and welcome opportunities to share in interfaith and ecumenical discussions, but my primary focus is the Christian Science healing practice.
I love to convey to audiences the power of God’s grace in our lives!

Lecture Titles

You: blessed, worthy, beloved (For youth and youthful thinkers)

With youth audiences in mind, this talk discusses the concept of self-worth through explorations of the creation story in Genesis and Jesus’ sinless view of the men and women he encountered and healed. It opens with a monologue from the standpoint of the woman who anoints Jesus’ feet in Luke 7 and concludes with personal stories from the lecturer, including a healing of anorexia as a teen. The talk allows time for discussion and interaction and could also be appropriate for a female audience in a prison or halfway house setting.  The goal is for participants to leave feeling as if they have just experienced a Christly foot-washing.

"The way out for you" a.k.a. "TWO4U" (prison lecture)

Especially designed for audiences in prisons, detention centers or halfway houses but easily adapted for a church or community setting, this talk provides practical answers for anyone feeling trapped by desperate or discouraging situations, be it disease, unhealthy relationships, financial challenges, or an actual prison cell. With a very Bible based and universally accessible approach, the talk focuses on three Bible characters who felt trapped in their circumstances and how they found a way out. The “TWO” in the title refers to the two commandments Jesus gave us in Matthew 22, which provide solid guidance for discovering how to follow the Love that leads us out of any seemingly hopeless situation. Songs are interspersed throughout the talk to bring out themes of comfort and strength to keep moving forward.

Contact information

Laura Lapointe, CS
San Diego, California, USA, North America
phone: 617-347-3765