Joshua Niles, CS

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Boise, Idaho USA — Josh has been actively serving others for much of his life, in things like tutoring, coaching, teaching Sunday School, as well as serving as an Officer in the Army and leading a platoon in Baghdad, Iraq. Since 2008, Josh has been dedicated to healing spiritually as a Christian Science practitioner and sharing with others this scientific prayer-based system of healing.

Josh says, “I love spending time in the mountains and on the rivers around Idaho, but there is nothing I would rather be doing than sharing Christian Science and its healing effect with people. Everyone has a right to feel God’s healing power and to be free from any limitations on health, happiness and their wellbeing.”

As a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, Josh has shared the message of God’s healing and transforming love with diverse audiences in many parts of the world, discussing how to detect and overcome mental ambushes, shedding the burdensome weight of fear and doubt, as well as opening the doors to see the spiritual nature of life, health and prosperity.

Josh and his wife Darci live in Boise, Idaho

Lecture Titles

Spiritual training: learning to listen

Ready for some spiritual training? We’ll be learning to hear and trust divine intuition as well as combatting the distractions and mental ambushes that keep us from hearing God’s direction. We’ll explore some of these spiritual lessons and look at how we can each start our spiritual training. Listen to this lecture on

Living in harmony

A desire for harmony, freedom and more love is natural to all of us. It's just as natural to want to feel a deeper love and warmth for one another. I’ve found that this deeper love brings harmony and freedom to my life. In this lecture we’re going to explore what spiritual sense is and how we can actively support our well being, our communities and even our governments by prayerfully cherishing our own and each other's ability to understand God. A better understanding of God and his law of harmony will impact our thoughts and actions and help us to see harmony is really the only option.

Traveling light: Packing with the Christ (20 min)

In this brief lecture, we will address the kind of thoughts we often carry in our mental backpacks, empty out the burdensome thoughts, i.e. fear and doubt, and only pack the good and spiritual qualities…in essence repack with the Christ. This lecture can also be done as an experiential or hiking lecture.

A life-transforming love: never too late

This lecture is for institution or veteran audiences only.

Christian Science (classroom)

This lecture focuses on what Christian Science is and who Mary Baker Eddy is. We will explore the definitions of health from the World Health Organization, the Christian Medical Commission, as well as Mrs Eddy’s revolutionary ideas on true health and how healing through Christian Science is natural and normal. There will be plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Contact information

Joshua Niles, CS
Boise, Idaho, USA, North America
phone: 208-908-1525