Jon Benson, CS

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Los Angeles, California USA — Jon Benson has served in a wide variety of fields, from a U.S. Army officer, to a university instructor of public speaking, to a New York-based actor and director in the professional theatre, to a Managing Director of a non-profit organization providing planning and management facilitation for governments and volunteer organizations in the developing world (including Africa).

Assisting those in the developing world to find and implement solutions to problems, Jon eventually realized there would never be enough human solutions to bandage the world’s wounds. Shortly after this, he felt impelled to take up the full-time practice of Christian Science healing turning to divine Mind as the only real remedy.

For the past 20 plus years, Jon has felt privileged to serve others as a practitioner of Christian Science healing, watching limits fall and God heal and redeem. He’s been particularly blessed by his ten years serving as a Chaplain in the Los Angeles County jails.

Lecture Titles

Health as a right: true consciousness as the core of Christ-healing

Our right to health care is a hot topic.  What about our right to health itself?  Many might scoff at ‘health’ as a right.  Why?  They believe it a material condition, hostage to chance, culture, climate, genetics, age and a host of other variables.  This talk shows health to be everyone’s unvarying fundamental right as a child or expression of the Divine.  It redefines health, equating it with true consciousness – thoughts originating in the divine Understanding. Many instances of childhood healings, all based on Bible lessons learned in Sunday School, trace how I was consistently able in times of need to hear more of what God knows, and to allow His thoughts to overturn prior beliefs with healing result.  Discerning how to claim and maintain other divine rights we have, showing how they are vital to claiming and maintaining our right to health, and looking at what makes prayer effective are other issues explored.  Mary Baker Eddy is pictured as the most ardent proponent of your right to health since Jesus.

Step out of your story into freedom and healing

This talk explores how leaving the stories about ourselves and others – our personal histories — for our true nature as God’s likeness is both what Jesus encouraged us to do, and is central to achieving Christian, spiritual healing today. Using a number of healing illustrations, this talk demonstrates how letting a correct understanding of Divinity’s Bible-revealed nature become truer to us than what we think we see and hear, become more real than what we believe our stories to be, is an act of worship that can cancel imprisoning stories, bring physical healing and reform character. It delves into the Bible story of Jacob’s transformation into Israel, and how it can help us each step out of our story and into healing.

Contact information

Jon Benson, CS
Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, USA, North America
phone: 310-377-0920