Jill Grimes, CS

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Jill’s been a Christian Science healer for most of her adult life and in the public practice for almost 25 years, She has faced and overcome many challenges for herself and her family and for countless others who have called on her for spiritual healing.

Some would say that Jill is a lifelong Christian Scientist, but she would disagree. She’s learned that this Science isn’t inherited and how long one has studied it isn’t the point. To her, it’s a continual spiritual commitment of thought that makes strong demands for fresh inspiration and then living that inspiration. For her, it’s pure joy.

In her lecture Jill shares her understanding of a loving Father-Mother God that speaks to each one of us in our own spiritual language. This enables us to feel worthy of God’s care and capable of the inspiration that frees us from being imprisoned by discouragement or disease. She knows there is always a spiritual answer to every challenge. She’s proven this and shares with others how to prove it too.

Jill’s lecture offers something for everyone, whether those attending have practiced Christian Science all their lives, come to it just recently or are hearing about it for the first time. It doesn’t matter what religion audience members follow, or even if they have none at all.

Jill welcomes anyone with a hungry heart (whether they know it or not), confident that it is the Christ that feeds them.

Lecture Titles

Healing love — never out of reach

Here is a video with Jill sharing information about this lecture title.

God is speaking — are we listening?

Here is a video with Jill sharing information about this lecture title.

Contact information

Jill Grimes, CS
Granite Bay, California, USA, North America
phone: 520-730-7408