Ginny Luedeman, CSB

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

By age 16, Ginny had moved over 20 times. She dropped out of high school and became a mother at age 17. Her dad was an abusive alcoholic. The instability, abuse, and a deep conviction that there must be more to this life than what she was taught in her early religious training caused her to question and look deeply into what this life is all about.

In the 60’s, when she was a hard rock singer, Ginny’s search for meaning took her in some unproductive directions. After overdosing on LSD, in panic she opened the Bible at random and found answers that immediately lifted the fear and confusion. Wondering what had caused this drug trip to stop so suddenly, she called a friend who was a student of the Bible for an explanation. The friend gave her a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures written by Mary Baker Eddy. Her life took a whole new direction as she read this book in conjunction with the Bible.

The answers she’d been searching for had been there all the time. She was delighted to discover that healing isn’t a random miracle but a natural result of God’s law of Love, understood. As she began to put into practice what she was learning, many problems resulting from an immoral lifestyle just fell away, including smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. She began to experience physical healings, and her little son was instantaneously healed of croup. She discovered she could apply this law to heal others.

Ginny has now been in the public practice of Christian Science for over 35 years. Her international lecturing experiences have been a natural expression of the inclusive joy and gratitude she has found in a spiritual understanding that heals and brings hope. Her message is that we are all members of God’s loved family.

Ginny and her husband, Craig (a retired Army chaplain), have proved this Science to be a practical, “hands-on” law of Love that really works in everyday experiences, even tough ones! In her lectures, she shares from the heart just how this law of Love has strengthened, healed, and lifted her life and the lives of those she has prayed with, including her six children and sixteen grandchildren.

Lecture Titles

A spiritual basis for solid and lasting relationships

Finding home … “on earth as it is in heaven”

A practical spiritual basis for finding safety, security, and love in our everyday lives.
Topics covered: Scientific prayer heals homelessness, unemployment, instability, family issues, and more.

From hard rock singer to healer

The who, why, and how of raising kids and Christian Science

Life without fear!

Topics: Bible basis for living fearless lives, children out of control, panic attacks, the challenges of military life, supply issues, health challenges, etc.

Plain talk about love, sexuality, and relationships

Topics: love, commitment, forgiveness, death, aging, etc. Recommended minimum age: 13. (Offered: 1-1/2 hour lecture with written Q&A time)

The invisible reality of Life appearing

How Christian Science heals bodies and restores lives

Topics: healing children, addictions, drugs, alcoholism, abuse, forgiveness, self issues, families, teens, practical ideas for healing world issues, etc.

Contact information

Ginny Luedeman, CSB
Salem, Oregon, USA, North America
phone: 503-362-9979