Elise L. Moore, CSB

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Nashville, Tennessee and Tucson, Arizona USA — Elise was raised in a Christian Science family and has always loved God and been interested in the healing practice. The first healing she remembers was on her 6th birthday when she fell off a new bicycle and was picked up unconscious and bleeding.  Her parents read the Bible Lesson to her, and through the power of God, Elise was healed within the hour.  Elise began talking to others about Christian Science and began healing herself and others. She has been a Christian Science practitioner since 1985 and a teacher of Christian Science since 1997. Elise has lectured in 13 countries and more than 300 cities in English and Spanish.

Each lecture is filled with healing examples and practical tips on how to pray and be healed.  There are examples of healing unemployment, injuries, chronic and acute disease, addiction, and children’s cases as well as examples of safety and protection. Several talks are Bible-based and help listeners connect Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy with Christianity and Jesus’ teachings.  Those who might question God’s existence are helped to feel the divine Presence and learn something of God as Love. 

Elise lectures in churches, senior centers, care facilities, prisons, city jails, deportation centers, homeless shelters, universities, divinity schools, and Bible study groups in English and Spanish. She also gives talks in libraries, convention centers, medical settings, outdoor venues and wherever a church has been inspired to provide a talk. Having served as a chaplain in a homeless shelter as well as with Spanish speaking immigrants, Elise connects with people from diverse cultures and experiences. 

Elise has 2 step-sons and 6 grandchildren.  She loves young people and enjoys giving talks at summer camps, youth meetings, and youth groups. 

For more information, please visit www.elisemoore.com where you can find more than 250 articles on prayer and healing which Elise has published in the Christian Science periodicals and other newspapers, as well as additional information on her lectures in English and Spanish.

Lecture Titles

20-, 30-, and 60-minute talks available

Curing the incurable

This healing talk is all about handling fear and utilizing the law of God to heal disease.  We'll discuss 7 laws of God that result in healing, including 5 specific ways to remove fear. Healings include rheumatoid arthritis, lump in breast, cancer, effects of a serious auto accident, anorexia, heart condition, and more. This is a comforting, gentle, compassionate, practical talk to allay the fear of patients and heal.

The healing power of the Bible

This healing talk includes 5 healings in which Bible verses are the key to the cure.  Christian Science isn't a cult, and this Bible-based talk addresses topics like confession of faith, salvation, baptism, original sin in fun ways that ministers and lay-people appreciate. There's a candid discussion of what to do when prayer doesn’t seem to work. Newcomers and class taught Christian Scientists gain specific ideas to use in their own healing prayer and to explain Christian Science to others. 

God is speaking to you (special audience)

This healing talk has 9 compelling examples of healing--including stroke, chronic illness, and children's healings. There's interaction and discussion about how to tell the difference between God and your own wishful thinking. It's kid friendly with 5 stories about kids and teens. It works very well in prisons.

What is Christian Science? (special audience)

This is a classroom lecture for nurses, doctors, chaplains, ministers, high school, university or graduate school students.  It's appropriate for religion, sociology, nursing and other classes, ministerial groups, chaplain training, etc. It's flexible and includes an open Q&A before, during and after the talk.

Contact information

Elise L. Moore, CSB
Nashville, Tennessee, USA, North America
phone: 615-321-3080