Christie Cern Hanzlik, CS

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Boulder, Colorado — Christie’s motivation in her healing ministry and lecturing is the “aha moment” that comes as we catch even a glimpse of God’s great power.  “I love the undeniable feeling of security, health, and peace that comes when I listen for guidance from God,” Christie explains, “and my greatest joy is sharing this with others.”
While Christie felt drawn to become a Christian Science Practitioner from a very young age, she spent many years finding her way and exploring other options before dedicating herself to a disciplined study of Christian Science and making it the center of her daily life.  Her search strengthened her conviction that Christian Science provides the most effective, transformative, whole-life, and comforting healing possible.  It is more than mere health care because it is the means to living a purposeful and satisfying life.
After earning her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and teaching briefly at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Christie made the decision to jump with both feet into the full-time and public practice of Christian Science healing.  She explains, “In my last semester teaching at the university, eight of my students came to me for spiritual guidance.   They said things like, ‘How can I follow strict orthodox Judaism and the university calendar?,’  ‘I’m feeling suicidal and can’t finish the semester,’ and ‘My parent just died and I feel lost.’  I saw these as issues best addressed by reaching out to God for answers and comfort.  I soon realized that these discussions were the highlight of that course for me, and I knew that it was time to dedicate myself fully to my healing practice…and I haven’t looked back!”
Christie currently resides near the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, where she enjoys time with her children and loves being outdoors on her bike, walking her dogs, or playing her favorite sport—sand doubles volleyball.
She has published articles in the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal, and loves talking with audiences about applying the principles of Christian Science to their daily lives.

Lecture Titles

You are the light of the world (for youth and youthful thinkers)

Know your complete story (For youth and youthful thinkers)

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Christie Cern Hanzlik, CS
Boulder, Colorado, USA, North America
phone: 720-331-9356