Brian D. Talcott, CSB

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Available for special audiences only

Berkeley, California USA — Brian became actively involved in the practice of Christian Science while attending the University of California, Berkeley. While earning a Bachelor of Architecture from UC Berkeley, he learned he could turn to God with every need. His love of Christian Science led to a new career path: to help others understand and trust God with life’s challenges. He received a Master of Theology in biblical studies from Boston University in preparation for service as a Protestant Chaplain in the US Air Force. Christian Science was a firm foundation for his healing ministry to those of all faiths in the Air Force. He was also able to bring a spiritual perspective to addressing marital challenges, substance abuse, child abuse and domestic violence.
In 1982, Brian, with his wife Nancy and their two daughters, left the Air Force and returned to Berkeley, where he devoted himself to the public practice of Christian Science; he became a teacher of this Science in 1988.

For many years Brian served as the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Northern California—representing the Christian Science Church with the media, the state legislature, and public agencies. During that time he worked to help clergy and other professionals understand and utilize spiritual resources in treating child abuse and domestic violence.

Brian has explained the practice of Christian Science to various audiences, including those critical of this Science. He has addressed a wide variety of professional, religious, interfaith and medical groups, including medical ethics boards, hospice nurses, medical students, and practitioners of alternative therapies.

Brian is available to speak to groups that have asked for a talk on Christian Science. They generally fall into these three categories. 

  1. Medical groups, which include medical schools, medical ethics committees, hospice groups, hospital chaplains, alternative medicine groups, etc.
  2. Requests from schools and religious groups, including college and high school classes on comparative religions, etc., congregations and classes of other faiths, interfaith and ecumenical groups, and religious groups in special settings.
  3. Prisons and jails, including youth facilities.
Because these lectures are to be given to a special audience where few of the members of the sponsoring church would be able to attend, Brian is willing to do a special in-person preparation meeting with the members to support the talk called, "Embracing the world with the practice of Christian Science.”

Lecture Titles

How relying on God brings healing

Turning to God in a crisis

Responding to God’s sustaining love

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Contact information

Brian D. Talcott, CSB
Berkeley, California, USA, North America
phone: 510-486-2700