Beth Packer, CS

A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Berry, New South Wales, Australia — Being raised in a Christian Science family where prayer was used to overcome all the challenges that everyday life could pose, Beth grew up knowing that spiritual healing was natural and effective. From an early age she wanted to help others to be healed and to share in this wonderful way of life.

Growing up to become an award-winning artist and a teacher of art, she married and moved with her husband and children to the Middle East.

On their return to Australia, Beth and her husband started their own retail business. As the business grew, opportunities to care for the community also grew. Beth became one of the area’s business leaders and also a tireless worker for the social needs of the community. Prayer was an invaluable resource for finding solutions to the myriad problems faced by a multifaceted society. This prayer led Beth to start the area’s local consultative body, a newspaper, and a large annual art event. By turning to God’s direction, she was able to help in dissolving disputes, unifying factions, and restoring peace and harmony in everyday affairs.

Finally, all other activities dropped away, because it was just so clear that the most efficient and loving means by which she could help to bring peace and goodwill to the world was to serve God through the full-time healing practice. So, with the same early desire to help and heal others through an understanding of their relationship to God, Beth became a full-time practitioner of Christian Science.

Her business skills have continued to be put to good use through her work for church.

Lecture Titles

Accessing our un-limited resources

This half hour lecture reveals through symbols, healings and personal experiences that we can transform material limitations by accessing the unlimited spiritual resources that are available to us all.

Dependable good – a provable reality in your life

The instability caused by the worldwide financial crisis has inspired this deeper look into where a truly dependable source of good can be found. Through the use of white board, symbols and healings, it is shown that when all else proves inadequate, God’s love is an unending, dependable source of goodness in our lives.

Love heals

UK Title: The transforming power of Love

Through a personal journey, the speaker shows that the recognition that we are all truly known and deeply loved by God, who is Love, can bring healing and restoration to our lives, our relationships, even our health. This lecture is full of healings that have come through the recognition of not only the fact that God loves us, but why He does.

The Golden Rule: a powerful force for good in today's world

This lecture explores how a deeper look at this ancient rule reveals so much more than mere positive thinking. Examples from the lives of Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy, show that the Golden Rule is based on a divine law – the universal law of Love. We see through modern examples – healings of discord within groups, of the weather, as well as of physical problems – that the power of the Golden Rule is available throughout all time to once again bring ‘on earth peace, goodwill towards men’.

Divine rescue - finding powerful, healing solutions to life's problems

The divine power that healed and saved the Biblical characters is revealed as available today to heal and save us, as it was in times past. No matter what the problem, God is able to restore our lives to health, harmony and holiness. This lecture is full of healings.

Contact information

Beth Packer, CS
Berry, New South Wales, Australia, Oceania
phone: 0409 550 742