Lecture preparatory meetings


Jean Hall, New York City, USA, talks about a healing that occurred preparing for a lecture.

Lecture preparatory meetings

A lecture is not a stand-alone event. It is an opportunity to support the healing activity of the entire branch. A lecture preparatory meeting can be a helpful part of that activity.

Some meetings are months before the lecture, others weeks, and still others are the night before. Each meeting is an opportunity to express a unity of purpose specific to your branch. Some meetings include the lecturer by phone or in person.

Here are some comments from members about lecture preparatory meetings.

  • “This was in invigorating influence for our church!”
  • “We learned so much from the lecture preparatory meeting and are excited about what we learned!”
  • “We had a lecture Prep meeting that was WONDERFUL! It was so healing and addressed many concerns of our congregation.”

A lecture preparatory meeting can

  • Bring healing results! Members often report healings as a result of ideas shared at a lecture preparatory meeting.
  • Strengthen the metaphysical and prayerful foundation of lecture activity. It’s a time to pray together about the lecture.
  • Help the lecturer and branch support each other and ensure that the Spirit-impelled, unselfed purpose of the lecture comes to complete fruition.
  • Nurture the full opening of the petals of the lecture’s “holy purpose“ to bless and heal the sponsor’s neighbors and the sponsor.
  • Clarify together the healing teamwork of the lecturer and branch for the community.
  • Include the whole membership in the lecture activity as practitioners for the lecture—as their common healing work for the world. Every member is important for the development and success of the lecture.
  • Clarify together the purpose of having a lecture.
  • Share examples of successful lectures.
  • Metaphysical ideas explored could include:
    • Spiritual purpose of lecture
    • Handle obstacles the world puts up against the advancement of spiritual ideas
    • Christ is the messenger. What is the Christ?
    • Demand for Christian Science—yearning to know God (we all have a heart to know God)
    • The authority of and receptivity to the message shared in the lecture
    • Ideas that break down barriers inhibiting the sharing of Christian Science with others
  • How to speak to others about Christian Science.
  • An opportunity for members to share how they been praying in support of the lecture.