Lecture application form

Please speak with the lecturer of your choice to confirm their availability to accept your invitation to lecture BEFORE submitting a lecture application form.

Use the online lecture application form


If you are not able to use the online application form above, please fill out the email or print version of the English and other languages below.


Check out DUE DATES for advertising your lecture in the Sentinel! PDF

Due dates for lecture ads in the print Heralds
In order to meet the print deadlines for the Heralds, your lecture application form needs to be received by the Board of Lectureship Office three (3) months before the first day of the month in which your lecture is occurring. For example, if your lecture is in April, whether on the 1st, the 15th or the 30th, your lecture application needs to be emailed to lecture@csps.com at the latest by January 1st, in order to be published in the April issue of the print Herald.

Date limite pour annoncer une conférence dans le Héraut
En tenant compte des dates de publication du Héraut,votre formulaire de demande pour donner une conférence doit parvenir au Conseil des conférences trois (3) mois avant le premier jour du mois où vous allez donner votre conférence. Par exemple, si votre conférence est en avril, qu’elle soit le 1er, le 15 ou le 30 du mois, votre formulaire de demande doit parvenir par e-mail à lecture@csps.com au plus tard le 1er janvier, pour que votre annonce puisse paraître dans le numéro d’avril du Héraut.

Termine für Vortragsankündigungen in der Druckausgabe des Herold
Ihr ausgefülltes Formular „Antrag auf einen Vortrag“ (bzw. die Lecture Application Form, wenn Sie das Online-Formular ausfüllen) muss drei Monate vor dem 1. des Monats, in dem der Vortrag stattfindet, beim Vortragsrat eingehen, wenn die Ankündigung Ihres Vortrags in der Druckausgabe des Herold erscheinen soll. Wenn Ihr Vortrag beispielsweise im April stattfindet, sei es am 1., am 15. oder am 30., dann muss Ihr Antragsformular bis spätestens 1. Januar bei lecture@csps.com eingehen, damit die Ankündigung in der Aprilausgabe des Herold abgedruckt werden kann.

Prazos para recebimento dos anúncios de conferências a serem publicados nO Arauto
Para poder cumprir com os prazos de impressão dO Arauto, o Conselho de Conferências precisa receber o formulário de Pedido de Conferência três (3) meses antes do dia em que a palestra ocorrerá. Por exemplo, se a conferência for em abril, seja no dia 1º, no dia 15 ou no dia 30, o formulário precisa ser enviado por e-mail para lecture@csps.com até o dia 1º de janeiro, para que o anúncio da conferência possa ser publicado na edição de abril dO Arauto.

Fecha límite para recibir los anuncios de conferencias a publicarse en El Heraldo impreso 
Para poder cumplir con la fecha de impresión de El Heraldo, la Oficina del Cuerpo de Conferenciantes tiene que recibir su solicitud de conferencia tres (3) meses antes del primer día del mes en el que darán su conferencia. Por ejemplo, si su conferencia es en abril, ya sea el 1º, el 15 o el 30, deben enviar su solicitud de conferencia por correo electrónico a lecture@csps.com, antes del 1º de enero, para poder publicar el anuncio en el número de Abril de El Heraldo impreso. 

If you need to make corrections or update your information after submitting your application, please contact the Board of Lectureship Administration office by phone 1(617) 450-3669, email lecture@christianscience.com or fax 1(617) 450-3675. Please do not phone the Sentinel to make lecture notice changes.The lecture application form confirms that your Executive Board agrees to sponsor a lecture or lectures with the speaker. In the event of cancellation, the branch is responsible for payment of the lecturer’s unrecoverable expenses. Your application is approved when your chosen lecturer receives and accepts this application.Unless you ask us not to advertise your lecture, this form automatically generates your free lecture notice in the Sentinel and on the Web.To confirm we received your application form, please call us or find your notice on the Web at Find lectures near you.If you email or print and mail or fax the lecture application form, please remember to send copies to the lecturer and to the Board of Lectureship. Please keep a copy for your file.