International lecture support services

Sponsoring a lecture outside of the United States and looking for help with:

  •  Metaphysical ideas?
  •  Connecting with your community?
  •  Flyers/Invitations?
  •  Advertisements?
  •  Lecture questions?
  •  Getting started?
  •  Photo images for your flyer or ad?
  •  Contacting the media outside of Germany/UK?

Contact for help

Shannon Hodgins (Lecture Consultant, Worldwide)
1-617-450-3669 (in English) (in any language)

Sponsoring a lecture in the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Germany looking for help with:

  •  Getting a radio interview for your lecturer?
  •  Getting an interview with your local paper?

Contact in the United Kingdom and in Ireland

Philippa Chatterley (Media Consultant)
01564 730048

Contact in Germany

Monika Jopp (Media Consultant)
02151-966681 (in German and English) (in German and English)