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Application forms and fees


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Application forms and fees

Where can I find the lecture application form?

You can find the lecture application form here. This form can be completed online, or you can download a copy to mail or fax to the Board of Lectureship office and to the lecturer. The form can also be submitted via email.

Do I have to use the online lecture application form?

No, a Word version of the Lecture application form is available. This can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Board of Lectureship office and to the lecturer.

My branch is sponsoring a lecture that doesn’t need to be advertised (prison, classroom, etc.). Do we need to send a lecture application form to the Board of Lectureship Boston office?

Yes, please do send us a copy of your lecture application forms for every lecture you sponsor open to the public or not. The lecturer and the Board of Lectureship Boston office should each receive copies of these forms from the sponsoring branches. The information you provide assists us in our efforts to support branches, lecturers, and worldwide lecture activity.

Is there a set lecture fee?

The Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy states, “The lecture fee shall be left to the discretion of the lecturer.” (Article XXXII, Sect. 7, p. 96) Please ask the lecturer if his or her fee includes media interviews in support of the lecture and participation in a lecture prep meeting with your members.


My branch would like to sponsor a lecture in the summer. Can we invite a lecturer from the current lecture year to lecture for us?

Lectures can take place anytime of the year. The Board of Lectureship year is from July 1 to June 30. The Board of Lectureship is elected for the new lecture year beginning on July 1 on Annual Meeting day. Lecturers have been notified prior to Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors’ intent to re-elect. They can tentatively agree to lecture for your branch and confirm this agreement upon their re-election to the Board of Lectureship on Annual Meeting day.

May our branch sponsor a lecture in a remote area?

The Board of Lectureship encourages branches to cherish the lecture opportunities they have within their own communities. We appreciate the desire to contribute to the growth of Christian Science throughout the world. If your branch would like to make financial contributions in support of The Mother Church and its many activities, it is welcome to do so.

A request for a lecture has come to us from a group in our community. How do we find out what lecturer might be the best fit for this audience?

The Lecture Communications Consultant is happy to help you. She can recommend lecturers who would be a good fit for your audience. You can contact her at or by phone at 1-617-450-3669.

May a member of the Board of Lectureship give a lecture at a Christian Science nursing facility or Institutional Committee’s Annual Meeting?

Yes, members of the Board of Lectureship are available to give lectures at nursing facilities or institutional committee annual meetings, but it’s up to each organization to decide whether to open the meeting to a lecture or whether to have some other kind of talk or presentation. If a lecture is desired, then one or more branches would need to sponsor it in accordance with the Church Manual and work together with the facility or committee to plan the event and contact a lecturer. Please keep in mind that the Board of Lectureship “was instituted for the purpose of reaching the public through the rostrum and the secular press” (from the first Board of Lectureship Circular, 1898–99). So any lecture planning should give consideration to how the event can include and bless “the public” beyond those who are already familiar with Christian Science.

How can we have a conference call lecture preparatory meeting? Is there a way members can dial in from home?

A number of branches have used the services of a conference call company with great success. There are many companies available that offer this service. You can choose a toll-free option that charges the branch for each phone line that connects (can be as low as 3 cents a minute per line in the US). As an example, AccuConference offers services in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Just type “conference call toll free” into your Internet search engine and explore the results for your area.

Advertising and publicity

How do I get our lecture notice in the Sentinel or posted on the web?

  • Your completed lecture application form generates these listings. To advertise your lecture in the Sentinel, please submit your form to the Board of Lectureship office in Boston at least six (6) weeks prior to your lecture date. There is no cost for this service. Check out Sentinel due dates here!
  • Our new online form makes this easy. After the form has been submitted, a copy of your lecture information will be sent to the lecturer, the Board of Lectureship office, and to the provided email address of the lecture chair(s) and/or clerk. To confirm we received your application form, please call us or find your notice on the Web at Find a Lecture.
  • A Word version of the lecture application form is still available on this website. This can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Board of Lectureship office and to the lecturer. Click here to find a lecture application form.

What is the due date to get my lecture listed in the Sentinel?

Check out DUE DATES for advertising your lecture in the Sentinel!  PDF | JPG

I need to update the title/location/time of our lecture. How can I do that?

Please contact the Board of Lectureship at or phone 1-617-450-3669. Once the update has been made it will show up immediately on our website. If your updates arrive in time for the Sentinel press dates, they will be published in the Sentinel. This is the process for online submissions as well as mailed, faxed, or emailed forms.

Can my branch copy articles from the periodicals to share at our lectures?

The decision to share copies of articles from the periodicals and which articles is up to your branch and your lecturer. If you agree to share copies, please first check the issue your article is in to find out whether those pages may be reprinted. Each periodical has a page that details reprint information (usually page 27 of the Sentinel and page 2 or 3 of the Journal). Usually up to 100 reprints of any article are allowed without permission. All credits must be preserved. If you want to make more than 100 copies or want more information, please email

How can we obtain a clear, crisp image of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy for our lecture fliers and ads?

The Lecture Communications Consultant has images available for use in lecture-related materials. Please contact her at to have an image emailed to you. These images are copyrighted. Branches need permission to use the image of Science and Health in lecture materials. To obtain permission, please send your final draft to

What is the difference between a press release and a media advisory?

  • A press release is sent to newspapers or other print media. Written like an article, it invites the editor or journalist to do an interview with your lecturer or to write an article about your event. Some papers have printed the press release as submitted.
  • A media advisory is for radio and television. It provides the information about your lecture in bite-sized pieces to interest the host or producer in interviewing your lecturer on their talk show. The text is almost identical to the press release—just with a different format.