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A lecture is just the beginning

A lecture committee commits to holding three lectures in South Africa.

Responses by Frank Prinz-Wondollek and Dave Stevens. "What came immediately to me in response to this question is: What a wonderful opportunity to offer a lecture on progress and unfoldment! Inviting people to a lecture is about sharing our joy, our love, and our healings with a world yearning for solutions." 

A blessing to all

A lecture is a church’s gift to the community of a fresh perspective of the Christ idea. 

Uniting the community through prayer

A church invites other congregations to a lecture block party to learn more about Christian Science. 

Welcoming our neighbors

A church reaches out to neighboring congregations with a lecture to create community and understanding. 

A block party lecture

A church invites other congregations in their neighborhood to a spiritual feast. 

Responses from Evan Mehlenbacher and Stephanie Johnson. When a branch church is faced with a declining membership and dwindling resources some deep soul-searching about what priorities are important to pursue, what unproductive activities should be stopped, and where attention should be focused to demonstrate growth can be very healthy. But above it all, it’s useful to remember that God provides freely and abundantly every resource needed for that branch to prosper. 

Expanding our views with an online lecture

A church broadcasts a lecture from a college campus online, reaching hundreds of viewers. 

Gathering—and praying—for a holy purpose

How one member prepared her thought before a lecture. 

Responses by Tim Myers and Michelle Nanouche. More than meeting a requirement, lectures bless those that plan, sponsor, and attend. Because of your expectation of good results, I have to assume your church is giving fresh eyes to the lecture work, and approaching it with prayer before, during, and after. So if, with all that, you aren’t finding even a trickle of interest in your church, is there something wrong? Not necessarily. 

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