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Responses by Eric Oyama and Jodi Crump Beatty. Great encouragement can to be found on page 1 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds” (p. 1). Your sincere desire to share the Comforter with your community is one that you can trust with God. We have centuries of examples throughout the Bible to show that God takes care of His children no matter what obstacles confront them. 

One individual's desire to share Christian Science with the Spanish speaking community led to Longmont holding a lecture in Spanish. A mother and daughter who attended this lecture experienced an instantaneous healing. Watch as they share their gratitude for this healing, and how it has inspired their continuing study and practice of Christian Science. 

A short format public lecture by Beth Packer sharing how an understanding of God as infinite Love is key to healing and supply. (Australasian summit)

(Fujiko Signs) A short format lecture about 'turning things into thoughts' and finding a universe of good ideas to meet our needs. (Australasian summit)

Lecture outreach

Two speakers share the "how, what, where, and why" of putting on successful lectures and the importance of this activity being backed by prayer. (Australasian summit, audio only)

Church stands guard with community

Our branch church, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Oakland, is located in the heart of downtown Oakland, California. Our members have embraced the community in many ways, including having noontime Wednesday Testimony meetings, as well as evening meetings each week. Our Reading Room is in the busy government and business center. One special way our church has been a healing force in our community through prayer occurred this past year. 

When they hosted a lecture in Spanish, Second Church, Phoenix AZ noticed that there were a lot of newcomers to Christian Science in attendance. Watch as two members discuss how Second Church, Phoenix found new ways to meet these individuals' needs, and the healing they all experienced as a result.

When Second Church, Phoenix offered to sponsor a Christian Science lecture for a religion class at a local college, the professor (who is not a Christian Scientist) was eager to accept their offer. It was a blessing for church members, students, and professor alike. Listen in as a church member and the professor reflect on this experience.

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