Church Alive content

The Beatitudes and a lecture blessing

A lecture results in increased Sunday School attendance.

Rock of ages

Short excerpts from performances by the youth attending the South Africa Church Alive Summit

Bill Warrick introduces the role of Church Alive Summits. 

A lecture "A Conversation with Mary Baker Eddy." by Chet Manchester and narrated by Chet Manchester and Anne Early

Building community through Bible study: Session II (Madelon Maupin at the NorCal Summit)

Building community through Bible study: Session I (Madelon Maupin at the NorCal Summit)

A lecture supporting God's government

A branch church located near the White House and Capitol Hill organized a lecture to support government and government employees.

Joint lecture

The two churches in Munich have teamed up to co-sponsor and organize lectures together. Watch and listen as members share how this collaboration has worked, and the fruitage they have witnessed.

Four Christian Science branch churches in Berlin have begun working together to coordinate and create a schedule of church events and activities that can be shared with the community. 

Coming together to live divine Love

Two churches collaborate to host a joint lecture.

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