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The members of First Church of Christ, Scientist in Eugene shares how their membership decided to focus on supporting a healthy news media as part of their yearly lecture focus. A member shares how they reached out to the local academic community and offered to bring a speaker from the Chrisitan Science Monitor to speak at the school.

Prayer works

The lecture committee at First Church of Christ, Scientist in Eugene, OR wanted to sponsor a lecture that would really speak to the community's needs. But first, they invited individuals in the community to share insights on particular topics of relevance to the community and their lecture. A member reflects on how this "Prayer Works" lecture initiative came about, and its fruitage.

Classroom talks

A member of 1st Church of Christ, Scientist in Centerville, OH has been invited to speak or provide a speaker in a course at his alma mater. Over the course of the last ten years, these opportunities have been fruitful opportunities to share Christian Science and Science and Health with the students.

A lecture story

As soon as they had a date and lecturer for their Christian Science lecture, the members of First Church of Christ, Scientist in Barrington, IL began thinking about how they could more pro-actively support the lecture itself. Several members share fruitage from this event. 

Classroom talk

A visitor to the Reading Room requested a speaker to talk about Christian Science with a group of students. The members of 2nd Church of Christ, Scientist in Pretoria were eager to take this opportunity, and share their efforts to welcome the young people.

First Church of Christ, Scientist in Pensacola, FL is located within an hours drive of several other Christian Science branch churches. A member shares how this geographical proximity has led to opportunities to collaborate and coordinate when planning lecture events.

The members of 1st Church of Christ, Scientist in Covington see their lectures as an opportunity to embrace their community. A member shares how extending a lecture invitation to the leader of a government rehabilitation program resulted in a rewarding lecture experience for everyone involved.

Chet Manchester, CSB, discusses how a Christian Science lecture fits into the larger mission of Church, and offers inspiration on connecting with others in a Christly manner.

Shirley Paulson gives a workshop about ecumenical dialogue.

Thoughts about "responding," and several attendees share examples of responding with love and action to needs in their branch church and communities. 

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