Classroom lectures

For professors and teachers of religious studies and related topics


The following one-to-two minute video clips are comments by university professors and high school teachers. They explain why the talk from the Christian Science speaker and the class discussion afterward were so beneficial for the specific academic needs of their classes.  

Hear why public high school world religions teacher Mary Jane Evink loves to have Christian Science speakers in her classroom.

Public high school teacher Karen Kosch enjoys inviting experienced speakers to her classroom to talk about their faith traditions and engage in dialogue with the students.

Why does Jeff Allison, professor of pharmacy practice at Ohio Northern University, enjoy hearing lecturers speak in his class “Spirituality & Health?”

Charles Brown, professor of World Religions at Harper College.

Here’s the perspective of world religions and humanities professor Sujan Burgeson at Yuba College.

Devin Kuhn professor of religious studies at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Michele Moon, professor of Christian History at Southeast Missouri University.