Print advertising

Print ads are a good supplement to your publicity plan. Well-placed ads in magazines and newspapers will support your presence in the print media. Research shows that people may need to see things many times before they act on it. A well-designed small ad printed a number of times can be more effective than a large ad printed only once.

Newspapers often have people who will design an ad for you if you provide text and/or graphics. Go to our Downloadable materials page to see a sample print ad. Also check with your lecturer to see if he or she has an ad template created for the lecture. Many lecturers also have print ads for each lecture posted on their Internet bio page.

How do we design an advertising plan?

Review the various print media outlets in your community.

  • Local paper vs. larger big-city newspaper—or both
  • Local free and low-cost newspapers and magazines that are widely distributed in the community
  • Health, mental health, or wellness publications—often found in health food stores.

Once you’ve decided what papers you want to advertise in, call them for their advertising rates. Next, decide what size ad works best for your needs and budget and also what part of the paper you want it to run in. Many branches find it more effective to advertise on the entertainment page or some other lively section of the newspaper alongside ads for concerts, restaurants, and local doings, than the religious page. You want to convey the idea that you’re part of the community, not separate from it—that this is an event for the whole community.

When should we place ads?

Different publications will have different deadlines based on how frequently they publish—a daily vs. a weekly, etc. Since people tend to make decisions about things like lectures close to the date they’re happening, you may want to start your advertising about 1–2 weeks before the lecture date.