Fliers for publicity

Fliers that can be blown up to poster size or reduced to postcard or print ad size are a good way to publicize. They can be placed in windows, left in stacks, and mailed as invitations.

Check our Downloadable materials page for a template/sample flier. Also check with your lecturer. Many have a flier template for their lectures available on their Web profile page.

“What makes a flier effective—one that really speaks to people so they say, ‘Wow! That’s something I don’t want to miss!’”

Before people decide they want to attend an event, they want to know basically three things:

  • Will the talk be of value to me?
  • Will I find information I can take home and put to practical use?
  • Does the lecturer’s background give him or her credibility and authority to speak on this topic? The most important thing is his or her healing practice of Christian Science.

Flier design tips:

  • Pictures say a lot—they tend to make someone stop and read the flier. Color attracts readers.
  • Open space—or white space—makes the flier easy to read at a glance.
  • Bullet points pack a lot of information into an easy-to-read format.
  • Check with the Publicity Consultant to obtain electronic images of Science and Health and permission to use the image in your materials.
  • Check on The Mother Church website for information about using the Cross and Crown trademark.

For workshops, be sure to put the cost of the workshop and a telephone number to call for more information or to sign up.

  • Is there a different fee if people sign up ahead of time—for example, $20 in advance, $25 at the door? Is a book included in the fee?
  • It can be very effective to list the cell phone number of a member who can always be available to answer calls. Many people call ahead to sign up for workshops when there is a fee charged.

What text is often included on a flier?

  • Details of the event including title, date, time, and location address
  • Information about the message of the lecture
  • Background information about the lecturer, including his or her healing practice of Christian Science and that he or she is member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.
  • A short sentence mentioning Christian Science
  • Sponsor name

I’m not computer literate. How can I do a flier?

Ask someone who has some computer skills to help you. It could be another church member or Sunday School student, a friend, a local high school student, or a professional printer. Since this is information for the public, having someone from the public help you could be to your advantage. The person will ask questions and offer comments along the way that will help sharpen your message.

Decide what you want to say on your flier. Write it out in a simple draft. Then let your “helper” put it on the computer and begin to play with the design and placement. Ask your lecturer for samples found to be effective for other events or flier templates already created for this lecture. Many lecturers have fliers already created for each lecture available on their Web profile page.

Many print shops will design the flier for you if you provide the text. Always proof the design before having it printed.

What are the best ways to use a flier?

Be sure that word-of-mouth is part of distributing your fliers. Engage leaders in the community organizations who requested your talk or those who have a vested interest in your topic to help you distribute them. Include one with every press release you submit. Consider using them as an insert in a local paper. Reduce the flier or use a portion of it as a print ad. When people see something in more than one place, it increases their recognition of the event.

Rather than just posting fliers or leaving stacks here and there hoping people will pick them up, have a conversation about the lecture with those in charge of the location before you leave. Let them know why this event is of value to their colleagues, clients, and patrons so that they become just as enthused as you are about sharing the flier with others. You need their support to help you publicize the lecture.

Can you share any ideas about how our members can most effectively help us distribute fliers?

  • Give each member a few fliers.
  • Ask members to keep the fliers in their cars, purses, and briefcases along with thumbtacks and tape.
  • When they go on their daily rounds, they can put the fliers up at their favorite supermarkets, coffee shops, etc.
  • Be sure to talk with someone in each place of business before posting the flier to ask permission to post it and to talk a bit about the event so the person can answer questions from customers reading the flier.
  • Request that members “check up” on their fliers in a few days to be sure they haven’t been taken down or covered over with other fliers. If needed, post another flier.
  • Don’t put up the fliers too soon—7–10 days is a good idea, with “check-ins” done during the crucial 1–3 days before the lecture.

Some places to post fliers:

  • Libraries
  • Coffee shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Local “ma and pa” stores
  • Exercise and yoga studios
  • Sports clubs
  • Mental health clinics
  • Schools
  • Places of worship for other faith traditions
  • Hospitals

If you have questions or want editing suggestions, coaching, or more samples or ideas, please contact the Publicity Consultant (lecture@christianscience.com).

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