5/12: Prophecy and healing today

5/12: Prophecy and healing today

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  1. So simple and easy to understand thank you Jill

  2. Bonjour Jill
    Thank you much thus lecture is perfect!
    Love it

  3. Thank you for your contribution to Shared Reflections. I love the thought that healing is revealing of what already is.

  4. Everyone should listen to this talk. Thank you Jill for giving us so much to think about. Absolutely inspiring!

  5. This is the most well thought out and succinct explanation of Christian Science healing I think I have ever heard to date. What a gift to all of us. I thank you, Jill Gooding, and the board of directors of The Mother Church for bringing it to us.

  6. This is beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing :)

  7. Thank you so much Jill for this beautiful talk.

  8. Dear Jill, - thank you from the depth of my heart for this clear, loving and so uplifting lecture.
    This truly is my "daily bread" ! So nurishing and healing and strengthening.
    Thank you for sharing these ideas with us.

  9. Thank you for these uplifting thoughts. Rosemarie

  10. Thank you Jill, this is so enlightening, one God, one Kingdom, revealing who we all are as God's loved children, perfect and whole now. Seeing the way God sees His children, we can and are prophets to help and heal. Really enjoyed listenting to you. Much love.

  11. Thank you so very much for this powerful, powerful lecture. I agree that this was a clear and succinct explanation of Christian Science healing and I appreciated the example of the Magic Eye pictures; that helped me to realize what it means to see beyond the mortal picture. This is a real gift to all of us.

  12. Dear Jill: How good is this lecture! How eye-opening! Everyone can follow your directions and great changes in the world will be seen. Right here, right now. I was in a medical clinic this morning to have a government document signed, and while I was waiting I noticed older men with very young girls from a different country; many people going and coming, and suddenly I was the one who woke up and started to pray for these people - to affirm and acknowledge that there was no power that could prevent them from being the perfect expression of God, Good. Matter or mortal mind could not separate them from their real identity as the outpouring of light and enlightenment of their beloved Father-Mother. I silently insisted that only good could be apparent in that place, and that infinite Love was the Presence, and the effect of Love was blessing everyone there. It certainly made a difference to me and I knew it would for all present whether they were aware of why the change had taken place. I need to pray more often in public places. Every prayer makes a difference for good.Thank you for sharing your Reflection with all of us here tonight..

  13. Jesus healed the man who saw men as trees walking (Mark 8.) In human existence, education either higher or lower of whatever sort, constitutes the five physical senses.
    Thanks for the lecture.

  14. Thank you for such a clear message and a call to put into practice what I know about God and man.i will be looking to spot the Big Ships that are right there for me to behold.

    I so appreciate your calm,clear message that will bless us all.

  15. Thank you, sincerely, for this call to prophecy and healing. I can't wait to get started!

  16. These are the talks that inspire and comfort me.
    Thank you.

  17. Thank you, Jill, for this beautifully profound explantion of how to be a modern day prophet, a spiritual seer. Your message was eloquently clear for all to understand and make practical today revealing the beautiful rose bushes already present in our "flower gardens" of life. What an adventure lies ahead for us to take up the challenge! Many thanks! :-)

  18. Thank you for this lecture. It really helped me to see that I must look harder so that I can see what is really present (as with the Magic Eye pictures). I am glad to be reminded that good is already here and that healing (the perfect man) is already here - therefore, there is nothing really to be healed - we only have to see and realize the perfect man that is already present.

  19. Wonderful. Thank you.

  20. Thank so much Jill for this thought directing, well thought out lecture. This will enable us to always know that we stay with the Truth unwavering. From a grateful heart.

  21. "Persistence wins the prize" (Mary Baker Eddy) My quest to "see and hear" spiritually is relentless.Patience and practice are requisites to accomplish my desires together with prayer.God exists;since a "personal" spiritual occasion God revealed himself/itself to me.It was the "most momentous" day of my mortal existence.Mere words cannot describe;how much I appreciate your lecture...God bless!


  22. Thank you for this wonderful lecture. It is so helpful. How can I get a copy of the poem that you recited?

  23. Jill thank you. What an outstanding lecture. Wow. It is so important to hear emphasized the fact that what we call healing is actually the revealing of what already IS. My practitioner emphasized this early on and taught me to do so. It does away with the feeling that we have to "fix" something when so-called challenges seem to appear.

    I am so grateful for Christian Science and to our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy for revealing to us the promised Comforter - for writing as a "scribe under orders" (Misc. 311) Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. What a debt of love and gratitude we and the world owe to her as "the revelator to this age of the immortal truths testified to by Jesus and the prophets." My vii.

    Thank you again for this powerful lecture. Also Margaret #12, wow, thank you so much. I agree, we all can be working for the world, whether we are listed practitioners or not.

    I am SO grateful to the Mother Church for the provision of this website and for these lectures and Daily Lifts. Thank you Nate, and the entire production team.

  24. Thank you, Jill! I especially loved the clear examples of how to see beyond the so-called reality of the 5 physical senses! Most people today have no idea what real Christianity is and how physical healing, the result of spiritual revealing, is such an intricate part of it. Renewed Gratitude for what Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, and Christian Science have brought to our Planet! Now..... let's get to work! Much Love!!!

  25. I am so grateful for your "shared reflections, Jill. " We are so blessed, with this wonderful technology, to be able to listen too, and replay these talks. This is definitely one I will listen to again and again.
    Thank you, with all my heart.


  27. Monika, Switzerland
    Excellent Lecture

  28. ThNk you for a wonderful talk which really expresses the beauty and power of Christian Science

  29. Thank you for sharing these profound and practical insights.

  30. I happened onto Shared Reflections and to my delight found your lecture for which I am truly grateful. You bless so many by your wonderful giving. Thank you so much.

  31. I echo Comment no. 5. Thank you!

  32. Jill, thank you for this beautifully articulated and elucidated lecture which is so enriching and thoughtful. In particular, I love the manner in which you brought our the nuance between healing and simply "revealing", in a way that is so reassuring and lightens the burdens of the heart. Just lovely, Jill!

  33. This is so inspiring. Please don't ever remove this. I want to listen to it several times. There's so much good to be gained from this

  34. The story of the rose bush was so instructive, Jill, especially your comment re how hypnotism can't make us think something isn't there when it really is. I am pondering that idea deeply. Thank you for this inspiring lecture.

  35. What a privilege we have in this beautiful lecture, thank you Jill.

  36. Thank you for a wonderful lecture. And I loved your beautiful, beautiful voice!!

  37. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this inspiring, uplifting lecture Jill !!!!

  38. Wow, what a complete view of what is possible if we follow the Christ
    and the first view of the spiritual God that comes into view noted in the
    Bible. You have revealed much and with much insight and Love.
    Your thoughts, insights and examples are greatly appreciated.

  39. Thank you for a beautiful clear lecture.

  40. 'Seeing only Thy reflection/ We behold reality" How true these words are.. your talk really brings these to light - In Christian Science we have the distinct opportunity to "see the tall ships" and act accordingly. Thank you for this gentle sharing - so much 'meat' to take in and savour!

  41. Thank you, again, Jill. We listened to it yesterday and again today. Loved your experience with your neighbor and how you prayed, simply did not accept anything less than the cherished child of God. That is so doable. It is in OUR thought, not needing anyone else's cooperation to make the Truth true.

  42. Dear Jill,
    Your loving and magnificent lecture has been by far the best one I have ever heard in 25 yrs.
    My gratitude for your work is beyond words!

    Thank God for Christian Science,



  43. THANK YOU, JILL!!!

  44. Thank you for this super lecture. I just love it. Dilys UK.

  45. Outstanding Jill ! Both Geoff and I enjoyed this lovely lecture. Flawless, in the most precise and clear English voice, thank you so much from us both.

  46. Only comment I can make is thank you so much.

  47. Thank you. This is extremely helpful and needed!

  48. Best talk I have heard!!
    My gratitud is beyond words.

  49. This was a truly outstanding lecture. Thank you so much for the clear analogies of why Jesus and Mrs. Eddy were such effective Christian healers. When faced with what other considered problems, they saw what was really there, the man or woman of God's creating, perfect and complete. Much like the analogies you discussed in the examples of the "tall ships", "Copernicus's discovery," the "fakir's rose bush" or the "Magic Eye," these healers beheld in Science the perfect man and saw what was true and actually there even though others did not. Thank you so much for this lecture. How can we all ever express our gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for sharing her discovery of the laws of God with all mankind.

  50. A sincere thank you. Inspiring, uplifting, helpful, timely.

  51. I love being able to listen more than once - so I've listened three times and so appreciate your clarity. I especially like revealing in place of healing. Thank you. A few nuggets of Truth have been recorded for further study.

  52. I wanted to thank you Jill for the most marvelous lecture, including the idea that we can all develop our spiritual sense in such ground-breaking ways. I loved the way you shed spiritual light on the characters from the Bible, and in doing so showed us all how we can move forward in our own spiritual search. This topic was new for me and I have gained a lot by listening and thinking this through. And I thank you for your calm and measured delivery, all of which helped reinforce this timeless message.

  53. Thank you so much!
    I haven't no more words than Thank you.

  54. Thank you for an inspiring clear lecture.

  55. This was a real treat! So uplifting, - so full of love and joy! So clear and easy to follow and understand. Dear Jill, thank you for this deep lecture. I felt again like sitting in with your Association Meeting.
    Again you are speaking from your great heart of love and you reached my heart. This gives me a feeling of unity and sisterhood on the way upwards towards the top of the mountain.
    It was the second time I listened to this lecture. It was also particularly interesting to me because I was asked to give a talk last November for a CS Nursing Association and I had chosen the title of "Prophets at former times and now." It is such a wonderful subject.
    Thank you again, dear Jill! This is so precious . . .

  56. THANK YOU dear Jill, for this outstanding, clearly presented and inspiring Lecture from which ALL may benefit in their practice of Christian Science!
    Really loved your quote from the poem, "Genesis I or Genesis II". I recall reading it in a Christian Science Sentinel ages ago and treasured hearing it again in your lecture! Endless gratitude, love and deep appreciation for your contribution to Shared Reflection and to all who make these possible.

  57. Perfect ! Thank you !

  58. Thank you, Jill. Very helpful

  59. Thank you for this inspiring thoughts on being a Prophet.


  61. Pam . Such clear incisive examples and thoughts to work with and so graciously put, A light to our path. Many thanks Jill

  62. Thank you, Jill, for sharing this clear, profound reflection. I've tuned in time and time again from when it first appeared, and it continues to be deeply inspiring and helpful each time. From the outset, I've cherished the thoughts shared and have prayed and strived to put these thoughts into action. Significant healing has occurred for myself and others, and it continues. My abiding thanks for this "Shared Reflection," as well as for entire series and all the abundant resources of Church, blessing all!

  63. I'm a late-comer to listening, but it was just what I needed TODAY. I'm sharing it with a friend immediately.
    So grateful for your healing work, and sharing it with the world. We are blessed by your thoughts and prayers.

  64. What a wonderfully inspiring talk and so timely! Thank you Jill

  65. The clearness of your message Jill, has given a unique depth and clarity to my quest to understand Christian Science healing. I have been a Catholic for many years. I have felt led to seek the primitive Christian's mandate to heal and teach healing. So many layers of doctrine have come to obscure the very purpose of early Christianity. I thank you for your gift of wisdom in interpreting in simple, direct words the concept I have been searching for.

  66. What a treasure! Thank you for bringing the Truth into clear view.

  67. I have never heard so much useful information delivered in one hour. Thank you for what appears to be a llifetime of study and experience. Mrs Eddy was so far ahead of her time....and ours also. The world is revealing and continues to reveal the truth of her words. Jill, the roses are Blooming.

  68. II just reviewed the transcript of this lecture, which was made available to CS Journal subscribers with a recent issue, and was again impressed with the distinction made between "healing", which implies that something needs fixing, and "revealing" - that which is and always has been already true, but which may need to be uncovered or re-discovered, as the reality, about our identity as children of God.

  69. Deep spiritual revelation. I am so very grateful for this sharing.
    Thank you

  70. Meraviglioso!
    Grazie Jill.

  71. I just love this shared reflection. I've listened to it many times, and have sent it to receptive hearts.
    Thank you so much.

  72. A perfect lecture. Thank you so much!

  73. Thank you for a beautiful message, Mrs. Gooding. I heard you lecture in New York many years ago and it has always remained a great inspiration.

  74. Thank you for a very inspiring lecture.

  75. Here it is Sept., 2015 and I've once again listened to this wonderful, eye-opening Lecture! Thank you, Jill! We need Prophets who are practicing this Science of Revealing! I'm signing up! Love to All!

  76. The Revealing Science Of God - nous Sommes du soliel

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