4/23: Maintaining spiritual conviction in a matter-based world

4/23: Maintaining spiritual conviction in a matter-based world

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  1. Thank you David for such a quiet, humble, talk. Like the Lilies of the field, beautiful!

  2. It says,"add a comment" well I can only say I am speachless!Thank you so much David for a wonderful moment of "shared reflections" leaving me with a full "cupboard" of "food for thought".Love,peace and "gratefullness".

  3. Thank you David for a lovely shared refection. I was so glad to come across it.

  4. Thank you David and Chet, I am very grateful for this shared reflection today. What a wonderful way to start the day.

  5. Thankyou..I am grateful for your inspiring duo chat. From your conversation I am reminded to reflect upon
    Be more alert to the good
    Have a better understanding of God
    Focus on gratitude
    See beyond the material of things..or situations
    Discern Good ..Magnify God
    Seek refuge in Gods Love

    Focus more on thee (God) and less on me
    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  6. Thank you soooooooooooooo much! This Guest Lecture Series is very special:)

  7. Thank you, David, for sharing these healing reflections. The ideas shared on spiritual sense, gratitude, and spiritual conviction are so very inspiring and helpful. I'll be listening again (and again) to this talk and being continually grateful for God's dear love and the gift of Christian Science.

  8. Thank You David.

  9. Thanks so much David and Chat for such and all-encompassing, inspirational chat - so much to be considered, digested and applied.

  10. Beautiful simplicity of God's consistent Love.

  11. I love the idea of gratitude as the oil of love, as I bring to mind, affirm and cherish the qualities of God, good, like joy, consideration, generosity, laughter, patience, unselfishness, and cooperation, present in human situations. "Spiritual sense is the discernment of spiritual good" (SH 505) is a law of harmony available to everybody. Thank you.

  12. After this morning's Morning Lift, I listened to your lecture on "Maintaining spiritual conviction in a matter-based world".
    Facing a strong, resistant long standing world belief for one of my now very grown child; I am so deeply touched and will endeavor to humbly ……. listen for Thy voice lest my footsteps stray

  13. Oh, Chet and David, outstanding! Thank you so much for this chat, for your beautiful shared reflections.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in such a clear, gentle way.

  15. Thank you so much for this wonderful, inspiring sharing. It was such a joy to be led to listen to this today after tuning in to The Daily Lift. I will be listening again before too long. Although I know that continued consecrated study, listening and prayer are so important to our growth in spiritual understanding it is good to be reminded that the simple truths can bring the healing. We don't need to labour and struggle to find an answer. God knows our needs and will reveal what we need to know.

  16. I cannot thank you enough for this talk. It has met my "hungering and thirsting after righteousness" for today. Best manna ever.

    Daily Lift Team
    "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6

  17. Thank you so much for the hints on how to maintain progress in deepening my understanding and spiritual journey.

  18. Thank you so much for this beautiful talk with such sincerity of the heart. I felt glued to my chair with a wonderful calm feeling.

  19. thanks so much, while I am "appraently facing apparent severe financial issues", I am feeling so rich and complete and secure and loved already after hearing you, gratefulll and looking foward to see how LOVE is present today in my life, MEETING MY NEEDS thanks again David!!

  20. The "shared reflections" lecture series blesses the world in so many ways. Each one who recognizes the Christ Truth expressed through these lectures gains a more spiritual concept of God's ever presence and the love that embraces each one of us, even though not always recognizing it. I am so grateful for the series, the lectures, the practitioners and teachers who help us understand God better through a spiritual view. Thank you sooooo very much for this wonderful, Truth filled hour. Thank you to all those who work with such commitment and dedication to utilize the tools of today to bring Christian Science to so many. I know I am so blessed as I am sure many are.

  21. Thank you David, and thank you Chet, for this inspiring talk. I, too, was led to listen after the Daily Lift for today. So much food for thought! I am very grateful.

  22. A moving, marvelous, encompassing lecture!!...Wow!!...a lecture I surely will listen to again and again!!...such inspiring thoughts!
    Chet's questions were like my own that came to my thought!..and the answers came just as I thought they'd be with moving Bible stories of Jesus' proofs of God's supremacy!! And Mrs. Eddy's healing of Calvin Frye from seeming death!!...We are all lifted up through true "gratitude" and by making this your "attitude" for daily living!.. Yeah such a joy this thought is!!...Thank You again for these "deep" and "encompassing" lectures to share with all humble enough to listen!...God's love for us is truly filled with thoughts like these!..what a blessing!
    Much, Much Love to All who make these lectures possible and the "perfect Love" that can proceed for the world from the deep thinking/sharing that comes from lectures like these!!..Phenomenal!!
    XOXO : ) : ) : )

  23. A great lecture! When you said that Jesus really understood that he was the Son of God, it reminded me of a wonderful statement that Malcolm Frager (a concert pianist) made in an interview with Robert Gates many years ago. When he was asked how he memorized the music that he played, he replied that he didn't think that Jesus had to memorize who he was! I loved that!

  24. David , thankyou for being the simple voice of Good. Your gentleness and sweet authority reminded me that Love is the only power tenderly transforming our lives .x sue

  25. David thankyou, that was just wonderful and I feel filled with gratitude

  26. Thank you for the unity with God.

  27. Thank you so much, David, for your inspiring talk! You are such a good example of someone who persisted and grew, persisted and grew, in his spiritual understanding - mostly by being humble enough to get out of the way and let God work through you - knowing that you were only the transparency for God's healing Love. I believe that is what makes a true Healer. Oh, if we could all only learn how to open wide our hearts to Truth and Life and Love! Amen! Love You!

  28. Dear David: As a medical nurse just after the time you spoke of, but still with many patients being admitted, I remember one night when a twin died from Scarlet Fever, and the distraught father rushing in to embrace the child with the little mother following close behind. As a Junior Nurse I didn't play any significant role, but as an observer I was overcome with the love of the father for his child. Love didn't seem to play any part in my life, since our father had left our family when I was 3 and lived on the west side of Australia. And my mother barely managed to survive until a lady on a tram ordered her to come to church on Sunday. We were forever provided for although in straightened circumstances, but the feeling of love was something I was totally unaware of. But through "God's conscious, constant capacity to make Himself understood" I have been guided through spiritual means to follow where He leads. And in learning to be obedient, humble and grateful, my life has been such as I could never have envisioned from such a start. I am truly grateful for your lecture, and for every avenue Christian Science provides for every one to know God, to understand God's love for us, and to serve the Church of Christ, Scientist. Endless thanks on behalf of myself and my family.

  29. With grateful appreciation for the many uplifting moments throughout your conversation David and Chet. To paraphrase one of them: “When discouragement closes the door, BE GRATEFUL! It keeps thought convinced of God’s healing power. Gratitude is critical to healing. It oils the door of spiritual conviction.”

  30. This couldn't have been more perfectly what I needed to hear today. I want to tell you that I had a healing while I was listening to it, and the pain I was experiencing faded into its native nothingness. I feel the ever presence of the Christ at work. Thank you so much.

  31. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas and experiences. What a blessing you have given us!

  32. Many thanks for the inspiration and reminders.

  33. Thank you so much for this chat. Such beautiful and simple explanations and examples of spiritual conviction. AND thank you to the Board of Directors for all of the "Shared Reflections" from teachers of Christian Science. I've listened to every one of them and some of them several times -- so much gratitude for this gift to the field.

  34. These shared reflections are such a blessing.
    Each one bringing the most wonderful message .... In gratitude x

  35. Thanks David and Chet for an inspiring lecture. Yes, God is right here with all of us every minute. He knows our needs and is supplying them. We need to show gratitude for everything. The way you ended by repeating Mrs. Eddy's hymn O gentle presence, peace and joy and power; was very touching.

  36. Thank you David for this precious talk, I felt in the presence of Love as I listened. A most healing & hallowed experience. Much gratitude for TMC provision of this series and to all those involved in its production - I am truly grateful. x

  37. Claire NZ

    In gratitude David and Chet for all the inspiring thoughts shared in this latest lecture. This series is superb and adds even more to all the resources being made so freely available to the world on this website.

  38. Thank you David and Chet for this :). such a comprehensive shared reflection that I got a healing! I started sneezing a lot and now it stopped! Wonderful ideas shared especially when David reminded me how MBE loves the first commandment and how we can totally depend on this commandment to guide us in our daily lives.

  39. All I can say is WOW! This is so packed with the feeling of God's power, presence & great Love & care for all of us as His dear children! To see as God sees & know as God knows is such wonderful instruction for us all to strive for each day. Also, the expression of gratitude for even the little things as being so important both in living & healing. Loved this one! Thank you David & Chet. This was expressed so clearly!

  40. Thank you David! So helpful for the practice!

  41. Thank you David and Chet for this inspiring and healing "shared reflection".
    I love the idea that "conviction grows out of innate spiritual sense". Conviction is natural to us all - in each one of us. It's not something we have to "get". Thank you!

  42. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Very rich and overflowing with fresh inspiration .