2/28: The preventive and curative nature of the Commandments

2/28: The preventive and curative nature of the Commandments

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  1. Thank you for dissecting the Ten Commandments, this along with the Lord's Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount, I believe to be the most powerful tools we could ever have to build a perfect life.

  2. Grateful for this unique message, of pure practice of Christian Science.
    It certainly gives a lot of good fruit for thoughts and ideas to put into action under the preventive and curative nature of this laws that they are available to us not just to practice but most of all to heal.

  3. Thank you Mr. Ferris. I so look forward to these "Sharing Reflections" and have been waiting patiently for your contribution. There is so much good in what you have shared; we can never forget how powerful and important The Commandments are to practicing Christian Science. As you point out, they were the structure for Christ Jesus' teaching and practice and we can never follow him without the same dedication. You have given me comfort and much to think about. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for giving us this wonderful concept of forgiving others. You make it sound so real and so natural for us to do this, because of our love God. I've never though about it in this way previously, so now I'm going to examine my thinking and try to forgive whenever I feel a harsh judgement coming on.

  5. So glad to find your Lecture this morning! Such a basic, practical, pure foundation for spiritual healing, tenderly given from a life time of experience and study of The Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's writings. Thank you most sincerely for this inspiring contribution to "Shared Reflections".

  6. Thank you Charles for the beautiful comments. As always you have the right ideas at the right time
    to give us just what we need. I'm grateful!

  7. Thanks for such an deep study of the 10 commandments, it was really a healing message. I loved the forging turned into giving for. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to hearing your entire lecture.

  8. Thank you so very much for your audio lecture on the importance of the Ten Commandments and the Daily Prayer! I love to think of God as Principle who demands obedience to these commandments and of God as Love who enables us to be obedient. It always results in "not guilty!" The divine idea is not able to trespass any Law of God, therefore no need or possibility for crucifixion. Thank your for your deep love for God, Truth, and your unselfed love for all humanity!

  9. Thank you so much Charles. It is wonderful to see and feel the all inclusive love that is actually within each Commandment. It is not just a collection of "Thou Shalt Nots" to make us feel guilty if we make mistakes. They are powerful instructions of protection that tell us that we are already within the kingdom of heaven. They actually lead us into the understanding of what we already have. Aloha

  10. Thank you Charles for the wonderful instruction and enlightment of the commandments found in the Bible and the Daily Prayer which is given in the Church Manual by Mrs. Eddy. Your Daily Lift and this lecture are very much appreciated.

  11. I start each day with the Daily Prayer, but never made the connection between ruling out of me all sin with the Ten Commandments as our guide to keeping our thoughts aligned with God's nature and thus free from sin. Your clear explanation of the Ten Commandments is so helpful. A few of the ideas that stood out to me were: taking the name of God in vain as doubting God's ability; honor our Father and Mother as seeing our human parents as reflections of God; kill as not to destroy the inspiration or hopes of others, but supporting them motivated by love; steal - we already have all good from God right now, and the opposite of steal is to give good, to serve, and to love; bearing false is seeing someone as other than the image and likeness of God.

    The Ten Commandments are preventive as they prevent us from falling into false material ways, and curative as we can cast out any transgressions of the past. What an inspiring and thought provoking message. Thanks so much!

  12. So very wonderful, lessons to keep and treasure, making the Commandments positive rather than restrictive. Thank you dear Charles. Gordon and Karin Sass

  13. Thanks Charles! The illumination of Truth in your words has brightened my day!!

  14. Thank You!...A very good lecture! We too can follow every single commandment with what I believe Jesus to have said by just
    "LOVE" to love one another as God hath loved us if we follow this idea it can bring us out of every dark place we might find ourselves.
    So therefore we demonstrate each of those commandments!

    Beautiful thoughts shared.
    Thank You one and all!! : )

  15. This was what I needed and expressed with such natural intelligence and love that I could take it in readily. Many, many thanks...

  16. Pure Truth with such precious clarity
    So applicable and uplifting

  17. Thanks very much for this wonderful message!

  18. Thank you, Charles. Your explanation of The Commandments is so helpful. You are a blessing to us.

  19. Thank You for this Spiritual, loving and healing rendition of the 10 Commandments. Such a beautiful Light giving Truth spread over the meaning of each Commandment. Linking the Daily Prayer to the Commandments and crowing the spiritual interpretation with heart felt gratitude for Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual and loving dedication to Christian Science and the Statement of Being found in Science and Health is such a complete treatment. I never thought of the Commandments as freeing thought. The "Thou Shall Not" always seemed harsh and I found it hard to find the love in the words. The first Commandment stating no other God’s before me…simply as “I AM GOD” ; All, and about not killing which Charles Ferris, CSB brought out expanding the meaning as to killing affections or hope and stating the opposite of “stealing” as “Giving”. I will be thinking and loving these Commandments in a more spiritual interpretation from now on.

  20. Thank you, Charles, for sharing these deep insights about the Ten Commandments--shining a bright light on the instruction within each one. You explain clearly that pure trust in God is the expression of Love, protecting and freeing us all.

  21. Much Love to You, Charles for this enlightening Lecture! I love how you said that the "Thou Shalt Nots" of the Ten Commandments are really Affirmations saying: "You Cannot". Now, I know that the Commandments should never be used as a punishment for or a condemnation of Anyone. Instead they are meant to assest us in Affirming Our and Others' Goodness and Spiritual Perfection. God Bless You!

  22. Charles,

    Thank you. And thank you for the lecture in the mid 70's in Kent, Ohio, when I was a college student. Now a Sunday school teacher and the commandments are a continuous Life Support. Your always a blessing of Truth. Thank you.

  23. Truly a lecture, reflection, prayer - thank you for sharing, Charles! I daily pray with the Ten Commandments in relation to the Daily Prayer, and this lovely "Shared Reflection" provides profound inspiration, understanding, and healing to be prayed and lived!

  24. These daily lifts are such blessings, and this one is no exception. Thank you so much.

  25. Wow! This is a wonderful, thorough yet simple commentary on the Ten Commandments, delivered with such Christly love. While listening, I could actually feel light. It bears many replays, and is recommended to all Sunday School teachers and students. parents and children. Thank you from my heart, Mr. Ferris!

  26. Connecting the Ten Commandments with the Daily Prayer opens the door to a deeper approach to this familiar daily requirement. And reminds us of how contemporary these Commandments are..

  27. Thank you Charles for your inspiring thoughts on The Commandments.

  28. What a blessing to hear your loving and inspired explanation in depth of the Ten Commandments and how they can bring healing to any situation. Thank you!

  29. Perhaps the most beautiful expression of humility and love has been shared with us all in the profoundly warm and loving "Shared Reflection today. Thank you devoted witness to the Truth, Charles Ferris. Our love and deep appreciation, Gerald and Marene

  30. Thank you for opening my understanding and answering some questions I have been considering.

  31. Thank you, Mr. Ferris, for your dedication and spiritual insights that bless us all. I learned so much from this lecture and truly felt the love behind it. I especially enjoyed your conviction, as a young boy, that the truth and power of the Ten Commandments would heal, and so it was! Now that's assurance of God at work then, now and always! With loving gratitude.

  32. This is a treasure I will cherish; your faithful service to the CS movement is a treasure as well. Thank you, Charles.

  33. Thank you, Charles. Your insights into the Ten Commandments are enlightening! I continue to relisten to the broadcast and hear more ideas to apply in my life.

  34. You know whereof you speak and reason, steadily and warmly, therefrom, with each of the commandments, and the daily payer, inclusive of all mankind You used the phrase "elevated view" and also include others in it, which is divinely rightful. I think the bright expansive and joyful realization of the elevated view lifts above and therefore is unfettered by the finite, and it is eternal when all the more so, and even when less.so, if only for a promising moment's glimmer, it shines through. Brightly at hand is the key to the scriptures. Thank you, Mr. Ferris. The gentle healing power of true goodness can be felt and heard in your words, lovingly expressed with spiritual generosity. A generous presence of goodness, in lovely representation of the commandments.

  35. Thank you, Charles. This lecture brought out so much light on so many cardinal points in our study of Christian Science. It brought much comfort and enlightenment. All my love -

  36. Thank you so much Mr Ferris. I love your insights on the Ten Commandments. You have given me much to think about and work with.

  37. Thanking you so much Mr. Ferris for that wonderful talk on the Ten Commandments and your love for all mankind. The purpose of man is to give and share as you have done.

  38. Thanks so much.

  39. This is so helpful on so many levels. Thank you, Charles.

  40. Wonderful! I loved every aspect of the commandments you shared with us. The third one was so inspiring and uplifting beyond the trite common belief that it just meant, we don't swear using 'god'. Rather, it is a statement of our trust in God that has no doubt. What a blessing when we grasp and express these deeper meanings of the commandments. Thank you so much, Charles!

  41. After listening three times I am still gaining light and inspiration. Many, many thanks, Charles

  42. Thank you! This was very clear. Our church is studying and discussing the commandments as a Spiritual Inspiration focus for the year, so this guest lecture series is very timely and so helpful.

  43. Thank you so much for this oh so gentle but profound deepening of the 10 Commandments. There is always so much more to learn about all aspects of divine Science for it is infinite, and for this I am very grateful. Thank you all for this blessing.

  44. I listened to the lecture in the Reading Room with a friend. Particularly I liked the observation that the opposite of stealing is giving! Another new concept for me is the view of the 10th commandment--no coveting maid servant, ox, etc.--as the staff, helpers. Some of the thoughts about the Commandments, such as they are promises and blessings, I had already learned and having the lecturer speak of them was a reassuring validation of the truth. I have been thinking recently about the Beatitudes as states of thought that prepare for healing and spiritual growth and I am looking forward to study to see how the Ten Commandments relate to the Beatitudes.

  45. This tender loving lecture was so enriching and inspiring. It lifted my understanding into new paths; thinking through the ten commandments so deeply. It will be so helpful too for Sunday School teachers and pupils to think through each commandment in this way. The nowness and unchangeable nature of the 10 commandments is so clear in these ideas, rich with so many new fresh ways to think about them. I will listen to this with my children and grandchildren. Thank you so very much for all the spiritual love and wisdom that was communicated in this wonderful shared reflection.

  46. "How gentle God's commands, how kind his precepts are," from hymn 124 from Christian Science hymnal. This talk really illustrates this Fathering love of Divine Love - Thank You!

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