12/13: Prophecy: its purpose, unfoldment, and fulfillment

12/13: Prophecy: its purpose, unfoldment, and fulfillment

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  1. This "reflection" is fantastic; I have gained such insight into prophecy and can now resolve several former questions about how all is now. Unfoldment is natural. Thank you, James and Heloisa, for this inspirational
    talk. What a way to begin a day!

  2. Thank you James; very helpful and inspirational!

  3. Thank you so much for this gift! A special gift to treasure and ponder, just what I needed.

  4. I feel very blessed by this Christmas gift delivered to me at home early on this day. Thank you Jim, Heloisa, Nate and all who wrapped and delivered this gift.

  5. This is the ultimate statement on the subject of Prophecy--the seed within itself--the Self of Mind.How blessed we are to receive it! Thank you, James.

  6. What a blessing to hear this clear message of Truth. With loving appreciation to Jim Spencer and those who made it possible to hear his recording.

  7. What an inspirational gift! Thanks for it!!

  8. My...unfolding idea of this divine talk on prophecy is:

    It feels so clearly

    God-inspired. Truth-magnified. Principle-ordered.

    And above all, Infinite Love, expressed.

    My sincere gratitude to you, Mr. Spencer,
    for listening so devoutly to divine Mind, the one intelligence,
    in revealing to us these helpful and inspired ideas.

  9. What a beautiful gift to us all. Thank you, Jim, and the whole team!

  10. Thank you, Jim....what great thoughts on prophecy you have shared with us. I'm truly grateful.

  11. This is a message that I will be listening several times, I am grateful to know that the prophecy is still blessing mankind now and always. We can certainly be the recipients of this prophecy as long as our love is pure and ready to bless and to be bless.
    I believe that the message that every year we receive from our Christian Science association is an eternal prophecy and each student in that meeting is bless.
    I am deeply grateful to Mr. Spencer for sharing these inspiration

  12. This is the best "laser focused" articulation of a most needed message to our movement, and hence to everyone, that I have heard. I, more than ever, can cherish each of the holy messengers in their aligning themselves with God, Principle, Love, as I daily and hourly work for self purification in accepting only the natural purity, and perfection of God's creation. Great gratitude to you Jim for your most powerful encouragement.

  13. Thank you so much. You have presented new/old ideas in explaining Prophecy coming right into present time. So inspiring, especially at this time of year. Yes, we are to cherish the "babe" of Divine Science. Brings new meaning to Christmas.

  14. So complete, so well delivered, wonderfully designed and so true! I am really grateful to have been able to listen to this lecture. Thank you so much!

  15. Dear Jim, That was just Wonderful and so Fulfilling! I have been awakened recently (through working with a C.S. Teacher) to the deep connection between the Bible and Science and Health and how they are meant to work together in bringing Divine Science and Healing to our Planet. Hallelujah and Praise God! The promises will be fulfilled! It's so thrilling to be alive and working for Healing on the Earth at this time! Again, deep Gratitude and Love to You!

  16. This is indeed the most sacred gift to us. Thank you so sincerely, Jim, and Heloisa, and Nate, and all those who make an inspired sharing like this possible. I will listen to this again and again.

  17. Wow what a lecture! Like old times, with such lectures as Paul Stark Sealy etc. The very best that I have heard in many a year. And the subject one of the dearest of my cherishes.

    I have an article in the July 1912 Journal including one of my mother's healings which was proven to me as the divine fulfilling of prophecy.

    Thank you so very much. I can only hope that every receptive heart may have all access to this.

  18. Glorious! I am reminded of Hymn 297
    "Loosner of prison bands at midnight hour,
    Of self-forged chains that fall through Love's all-power;
    Christ's morning meal by joyous Galilee:
    Science, thou dost fulfill all prophecy."

    Thank you. What a gift are these revelatory ideas today. They truly feed a famished heart.

  19. This sharing is very generous -- a bright and shining star. This is what the season is all about. The news of the Christ-presence, revealing itself, to the receptive heart.

  20. What a powerful, inspired lecture! Especially loved the Biblical background and rich metaphysics Jim shared about prophecy and its fulfillment. Many thanks to the Board of Lectureship for these "shared reflections" lectures.

  21. Oh how I loved this lecture!!!! A pure gift of love and principle.
    Thank you, Mr. Spencer for the clarity and inspiration in this lecture.

  22. How exciting that we can "tune in to Truth" and see the goodness of God available to all. I appreciate the distinction made about humanism, that we be willing to be humble, and obedient to God's plan.

  23. Jim, this is Very Strong Message. Thank you for all you do!

  24. Thank you so very much, dear Jim. This was like Class! So clear, so urgent, so deep and full of joy and Love. I am sure that I will have to listen to this again to catch a little more.
    This is so interesting to me because just a month ago I gave a talk - about half the length of yours - also about Prophets and Prophecy. But I feel that your inspiring explanations are a step deeper and is concerned more with the entire Movement and the Church.
    Thank you so much for everything you said.
    What a treat !
    Much love.

  25. My heart is abounding in gratitude to you, Jim, for so beautifully articulating for us the importance of the correct understanding of the place in Biblical prophecy of both the Christian Science textbook and its revelator, Mary Baker Eddy.

    That Mrs. Eddy understood the vital importance of the recognition of both, is to me underlined by the fact that the only lesson-sermon which has its full citations reproduced in Prose Works is the one read at the Communion Service and Dedication for the extension of the Mother Church, found on pp 34- 35 in the “The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany.” Included in those readings are the citations you mention from S&H p. 559, which name our textbook as the revelation of divine Science, as well as the citations from page 560, which relate directly to the importance of understanding Mrs. Eddy's place as its revelator, “…the grand necessity of existence is to gain the true idea of what constitutes the kingdom of heaven in man. This goal is never reached while we…entertain a false estimate of anyone whom God has appointed to voice His Word. Again, without a correct sense of its highest visible idea, we can never understand divine Principle.”

    Once again, heartfelt gratitude to you for the sacred gift of this lecture, to Heloise for moderating it, and to Nate for bringing it to us through this wonderful new guest lecture series.

  26. Thank you so much, James. I always thought the good woman of Shunem had a husband, but the widow woman Elisha helped was a different woman. But one thing I do understand is that the oil she poured out, and kept on pouring out, was her understanding, however slight, was her understanding of God's provision for her every need, and so much more to express to everyone else in her community, without ever coming to an end. The oil (see the Glossary for the expansion on Oil) stays abundant, and always adequate for whatever is encountered. I loved this Lecture, and at this early hour of the day. Just perfect!
    Thank you Heloise, and Nate and the production crew for this really great gift at Christmas.

  27. Words cannot express my deep gratitude to you for your inspiring message. The perfect Christmas gift to use all year. Thank you so much!

  28. I would like to echo many of the comments above. It was truly a deeply, spiritual experience to listen. I didn't want it to end; why? because there is no end!

    Thank you so very,very much from my heart..

  29. Quite a challenge for each of us, especially about Mary Baker Eddy's place in prophecy and fulfillment. You make it clear that it's vital for us to get it right. Thank you.

  30. Thank you Mr. Spencer for weaving together the threads of prophecy to show us the undivided garment of divine Science. Like Elisha picking up the mantle of Elijah, we now have a clearer understanding of our place and purpose, and the opportunity to watch for the fulfillment of the prophecy. What an amazing gift you have given us!
    Thank you

  31. P.S. Listening to this inspiring and enlightening Lecture again this morning, I am struck with the importance of checking my motives when I desire to "help" someone. I have been noticing in my own experience how often I want to "help" someone just so they will like me. I will compromise my own values to be liked and accepted. I am learning the difference between Co-dependence (the unhealthy leaning of 2 human beings on each other) and Co-existence ( the understanding that man's entire dependence is on God). What strength and courage it takes to always check in with God before taking human steps to "help" someone, because often this human "help" turns into "enabling" the person to stay stuck in some unhealthy shortcoming, and is not really contributing to forwarding their spiritual growth. Thank you again for this amazingly deep and profound Lecture!

  32. This lecture is a heavenly gift, a message straight from God. I will deeply ponder it and gratefully receive it. Many more listenings will occur. What a treasure. Thank you.

  33. Concerning the prophecy regarding looking out from stars upon the universe. I once heard an astronomer explain how it is we can now observe far flung universes. The light from these far flung systems of stars has so far to travel that it was thought not possible to see them, However there are certain large stars which are much nearer to us and which we do see. And the gravity around these giant stars is gathering the light from these far flung universes and focussing it in our direction. Thereby allowing our telescopes to look out from these giant stars upon far flung universes. In this sense the prophecy: "The astronomer will no longer look up to the stars, — he will look out from them upon the universe;" has come to pass.
    Thank you James for this most enlightening hour.

  34. What a wonderful lecture, especially for this time of year. Thanks for all the comments also. Also thanks to Nate and Mrs.Rivas - love to all.

  35. Jim, your deep love of the Holy Scriptures, and of Christian Science and its Discoverer and Founder Mary Baker Eddy, all shine through in this talk. Thank you so much for sharing with us. God's blessings on you.

  36. What a beautiful, beautiful lecture! Just absolutely, I mean absolutely, Love this this new outreach to everyone. Love what is being done for the Cause. A most special 'THANK YOU' to Nate and the whole team.

  37. What a blessing!

  38. Thank You for this blessing, James and all on this team.

  39. This is so powerful and important maybe it could be printed in a booklet form and sold in the Reading Rooms? (Maybe like the "What Christmas Means to me"? Thanks James and thanks everyone for sharing. What a wonderful "Christmas" message and challenge for all of us to more fully understand and live according to the law in this message.

  40. Jim, we feel the depth of your thought. Thank you. Your Lift reminds us, so beautifully and simply, that, as students of Science, we are all anoited prophets to the world in the seeming turmoil of media-immersed daily life. This is a dear gift in this Christmas season. Thank you, friend.

  41. I heartily agree with Margaret #39 this lecture is vitally important to our place at this time in the fulfillment of prophecy that it would be wonderful to have it in printed form to be able to read and re-read it until its message is really assimilated . As many others have said,"it is vital for us to get it right" Joanne #29. Once again may I say thank you Jim for the spiritual clarity with which you have given this lecture.

  42. WOW we are ready for this unfoldment or it would not have been given at this time. Now what this inspires and enables me to do is to be a better healer as the Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy (page 92) says,"Healing the sick and the sinner with Truth demonstrates what we affirm of Christian Science, and nothing can substitute this demonstration. I recommend hat each member of this Church shall strive to demonstrate by his or her practice, that Christian Science heals the sick quickly and wholly, thus proving this Science to be all that we claim for it." I have reenlisted to do this holy work.
    From a gratful heart

  43. Wow. Really powerful and thought provoking. THANK YOU!

  44. Outstanding lecture!!!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and peace that your lecture has given.

  45. Thank you so much for this inspiring, heart-felt and extremely important talk. As others have pointed out, a vital subject for us all to deeply ponder and make our own. I was struck by the all-emcompassing love that our Father Mother God bestows on all of us as His/Her children, and that we must cherish that in the thoughts we entertain about each other. Yes indeed, our mission is to heal, and it's divine Love that does the work.

  46. This is profound and i i think it bears listening to again - which i plan to - so that we truly get what it REALLY means to be Christian Scientist in this present hour. Truly a message of deep thought and one to be taken very seriously but with such hope and joy .. Thank you. .

  47. So grateful for this lecture! Thanks so much, Jim and Heloisa and this special series!

  48. Such a rich sharing, chock-full of wonder and insight to ponder and consider throughout this Christmas season and continually. Thank you.

  49. What a wonderful gift of discovery! Thank you
    So much. I have listened to it three times, each revealing more about our Father, Christ, Comforter and leader. Oh Love revealed! Thank you

  50. Thank you for this clear expression of so many elements - the Bibile and prophecy, "Science and Health", Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy's Place, and so on and so on. So much good.

    I love sharing gifts such as this lecture. So I posted it on the Worldwide Church Alive Prayer Watch. Such great support for broadening our concept of God and His Christ and likewise ours through reflection.

    Thank you to the Board of Lectureship, Heloisa RIvas as host, and James Spencer as guest lecturer for listening and sharing this inspiration!!

  51. Thank you, Jim, for sharing your spiritual insight of this divine resource available to all who listen for Gods direction.

  52. A priceless Christmas gift! In words from “Christ and Christmas” by Mrs Eddy, “In tender mercy, Spirit sped A loyal ray To rouse the living, wake the dead, And point the Way - . . ." Thank you Jim.

  53. This wonderful lecture makes me feel closer to our Leader and able to see her as the woman of prophesy more clearly. Thank you so much.

  54. After listening to this exceptionally wonderful talk, I invited a friend,newly studying Christian Science, to listen to it with me . She said afterwards, that it was the most wonderful explanation of Christianity that she had ever heard. She said it was so deep and understandable ,that it made her feel safe . She felt God's love and care.
    I have gotten so much out of this lecture, and the timing is perfect for this Christmas . Thank you to James Spencer, to interviewer Heloisa Rivas, and to the Board of Lectureship. I too hope that this will be printed and available for "sincere seekers".

  55. Thank you very much Mr. Spencer for this message. It is like class all over again. Very clear and inspired. I love the point that prophecy is impersonal- but Love inspired! I have been wishing that Mr. Spencer give a lecture again and this is a wonderful one- accessible by everyone without having to spend except Now to listen... Thanks also for those who made this interview/ reflection on lectures possible. With love

  56. I agree that this should be made available in print.

  57. Thanks so much for that very thoughtful and insightful lecture. It is well worth listening to again and again. I truly appreciated it. Linda

  58. John 16: 8 to 11 applies the proper corrective agency to function. The Comforter reproves. To reprove is to correct w/o harshness. The Comforter corrects gently the world of sin's claim to power, of self-righteousness, and of false justification or material law. It is love that guides so that function is corrected. Corrected, function expresses Science. We then know that natural action appears as idea. It is a gentle adjustment reproving the world of false appearances. ( I had been studying this passage in John when I came across your lecture Mr. Spencer. Thank you. Your thoughtful words regarding prophecy confirm John's perspective. As to function, there is, of course, a direct correlation in practical application of prophecy. )

  59. Thanks Jim for the wonderful thoughts revealed in this talk. Important for me to listen over again and ponder over its meaning especially of the coincidence between the human and the divine. How Love uplifts love in order to bring about a fulfillment, an unfoldment of divine Love's allness,power and purpose. An amazing topic and just what I needed today.

  60. Thank you Jim for these inspired thoughts. I'd listened two times to this lecture just before Christmas. I was caring for my three grandchildren while their mother was with her mother; the baby had a bad cold and I'd become very ill. On the 4th night of caring for these dear ones, they were told their other grandmother had passed. That night with their mother away, their father at a business meeting, the baby was crying and could not be consoled, the older two were sad & unable to sleep and I was praying for strength. As I thought of your lecture and letting love be overflowing (as Elias) I desired to reflect that divine Love not human love. I prayed to understand this more deeply and affirmed that I reflected this divine Love. I didn't need to do anything but just reflect God's Love. A deeper sense of the awareness of divine Love's presence flowed over me and the home and I immediately felt better. The baby went to sleep as did the older children. In the morning they awoke happy, the baby freer of the cold and I greatly improved. Thanks you for helping me better glimpse the "coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and divine idea..." Leaving the humanism of a grandmother's love for a greater sense of divine Love and glimpsing the deeper sense that "the real man of God's creating is as pure as His maker" brought much healing. Thank You.

  61. Suze Hinrichs - 1/7/14

    Exceptionally inspirational just like old times, a lecture worth listening to time and time again and definitely worth sharing with others. I love how you made the Bible come alive and provided me with new insights and a greater understanding of "prophecy" and God's plan for man. Thank you ever so much for this and for all you and other lecturers, teachers, and practitioners do to uplift thoughts and lives to see God's ever-presence . Thank you especially for touching my life...

  62. I am humbly grateful for this inspired/inspiring sharing. It educates thought as well as awakens thought.
    Thank you thank you!!

  63. thanks for the message.

  64. This is a serious, thought-provoking message that goes directly to the spiritual sense of what we are to learn and understand as followers of Christ through the teachings of Christian Science. I am much humbled and i recommend everyone to listen to it and go deeper in our progress spiritward.... Thank you.

  65. Very much appreciated.

  66. Thank you, Jim for this inspirational talk. With love and appreciation from Brookside Family @ Tenacre.

  67. I just now got to listen...and what a blessing it was! Such humility and gratitude well up in me as I consider the fewness of us who are witnessing the fulfillment of all these prophecies in line -- from the first to today. Now, to work to live up to that honor bestowed on me...

  68. Most grateful to Mr. Spencer for this wonderful & thorough topic of
    Prophecy & the importance of Mary Baker Eddy, and her discovery
    of "the Comforter" for all mankind and the creatures,too. Ditto to the
    comment #29. . .! Again, Thank You All, for this uplifting talk.

  69. Such clarification concerning the inseparability of the Comforter and Mary Baker Eddy is greatly
    needed among Christian Scientists and I loved the way you wove the prophecies in the Bible
    right on up to the Gospel of John. So many of our dear prophets also gave us promises of a
    female comforter. What a wonderful theme to study- that God's promises have been with us
    all along.
    Thank you for the great love expressed.

  70. I liked it too

  71. Thank you. I am treasuring this insight, and I pray to learn more. THANK YOU!

  72. Thank you soooooo much for this! You brought to words so well about human relationships verses divine relationships. A giant thank you Mr Spencer!

  73. Mr. Spencer,
    I have heard your talk several times and I take more and more out of it every time.
    Thank you very much for sharing your so clear and uplifting inspiration on this subject.
    Please, share another subject with us soon!!

    With sincere gratitude and appreciation.