11/25: Christian Science and Jesus

11/25: Christian Science and Jesus

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Alessandra Colombini, practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing, shares her journey of faith. She also breaks down Jesus' parable of the unforgiving servant and explains its practical application for our lives and beyond.

  1. Thank you. I was working with John 17.

  2. This commentary was so helpful to me; especially two points -- that God's good is free of obligation of repayment and that following Christ Jesus is the at-one-ment. Thank you so much for offering these nuggets of inspiration.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your inspired thoughts Alessandra. This discussion has helped me rise above the mortal and claim and rejoice in the season of gratitude and new birth. Each day grows brighter with this understanding and weknow safely leads home; Heavenly Rest here and now. We understand how the pure in heart know God as All in all. One only. We can be joyfull in knowing God is present and fills every heart and stocking this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you again and enjoy this season of Love..

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful lecture. It has helped my spiritual understanding of Christ.

  5. Thank you with much love. This has met a need in my life.

  6. Thank you for this important explanation of Jesus true mission and his manifestation of the Christ. I gained inspiration from you explanation of the parable of the king who forgave the debtor and how that applies to our daily life..

  7. This is WONDERFUL. So inspiring. It helped me understand so much. THANK YOU.

  8. Thank you, Alessandra and Heloise for identifying the error of mental criticism and the way to freedom from it. This focused understanding will indeed bring healing!

  9. Is it possible to download this lecture, so I can listen to it on my iPod?

    Board of Lectureship
    The download option has now been posted.

  10. Every word has a deep meaning as well as understanding. The receptivity to this unity with Principle is so well express by you in this lecture. I do thank you deeply for sharing with all of us.

  11. What a marvelous lecture! Thanking you and thanking you again. Daily Lift Team -- thank you for all of these Guest Lecture series. I look forward to these every month.

  12. That was soooo special and so needed. Thank you

  13. Thank you for this truly inspiring talk. I love the way the parable referenced was explained and expanded so beautifully. I also appreciate so much the shared thoughts on the Christ, what it means to truly accept Jesus, and making this practical in our lives.
    I look forward to these Guest Lectures so much! Each one has given new inspiration and food for thought. I am truly grateful.

  14. Love it, forgiveness to family members, will listen again Thank you

  15. Thank you Heloise and Alessandra, for this truly landmark lecture. I experienced that destructive form of mental criticism, and prayed for many years to be freed of it from others. This is claiming our innocence, to experience pure thoughts. And just last week it seemed to be an all-out onslaught, which could only be handled through unceasing prayer, and encouraging loving respect and courtesy to others - to members of their own family. I loved that you spoke of 'salvation' which is where my thoughts have been directed lately. This is a great time of sharing thoughts and prayers, and I will certainly return to it until it has accomplished the necessary reformation and transformation.

  16. What a beautiful and enlightening lecture...so full of love and good. Thank you.

  17. Thank you Alessandra for unlocking the true meaning of that parable- This also makes the line in the Lord's Prayer clearer,"And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors."
    No one owes anything but to express more love, that we reflect Love (God) only as we see
    God's abundant blessings. In Cristian Science, salvation & baptism take place moment by moment to see how free we already are!! So grateful for these audio lectures ;:-)

  18. Thank you for your insights about the parable. I never understood its meaning before. Your ideas are so helpful and healing.

  19. Thank you Alessandra, and Heloisa for your insightful questions and comments. I love the collaboration which brought out more of the loving Truth, of God and Christ Jesus, and us!

  20. I too did not understand the parable of the talents and I thank you for your explanation! Also to Fujiko for sharing this parable's connection to the line in the Lord's Prayer about forgiveness of debts.

    Thank you for sharing these truths! and Thank you to the Board for sponsoring these guest lectures!