10/28: Getting it right

10/28: Getting it right

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Deborah Huebsch, practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing, shares how she was introduced to Christian Science healing and how she’s learning to know and love God.  Let’s listen in.

  1. Wonderful, thank you both! I started to listen just after hearing today's Daily Lift - just to get a feel for it and to come back latter and listen to all of it later in the day - but I got hooked and stayed to the end!

  2. I was once walking out into the field from the stable to put a halter and lead on my English saddle teaching horse, who was grazing. Suddenly, a filly, unnoticed by me, charged from somewhere behind me to my left, and when she ran passed in front of me, she kicked me squarely in the chest. The next thing I remember was lying on my back on the ground. I could not breathe, but when my breath did return, I got up and continued walking out to put the halter on my gelding. I spent time each day reading the weekly Bible Lesson for quite some time until I felt healed completely. I like what Mrs. Eddy instructs on page 242 of Miscellany, concerning the child of God.

  3. Wow thank you Deborah and Chet for this sharing. My gratitude for the points of Light that help us know and be present with God. I have been blessed with similar experiences in my journey and to hear you and others articulate the Truth in such a loving and simple way proves God the only Mind fulfilling all human need. Thank you again for this most inspiring sharing.

  4. What an honest, clear assessment of Christian Science healing. Thank you Deborah.

  5. Beautiful expression of relationship with our Father-Mother, God.

  6. So needful, so right, so essential, so true, so deep, so beautiful, so useful--THANK YOU!! Please publish this in the Journal so that it is more widely available to students of CS.

  7. Thank you so much. I felt so moved as I have been struggling with a sense of not really loving God enough, not feeling it when I say "Adorable One". I am going to pick up on God's Motherhood. I still have tears running down my face. Thank you both so much

  8. Deborah you brought out so many good ideas among them that we don't possess a body, our body is the expression of God. But the closest to my heart was loving God - really loving Him - and being Mothered by God. I grew up with a mother who didn't love me, so the concept of mother love was difficult as it had not been a part of my human experience. The right words were there, but not the deep feeling. Constant repetition of the many powerful statements of Christian Science are only words until really felt. You have given me much to contemplate deeply and prayerfully. Thanks so very much!

  9. I was struggling with a family situation and felt the need to call a Christian Science practitioner. She gently told me to draw near to God and He will draw near to me. At the time i thought that she probably did not really hear what i was saying. But that gentle advice has never left me as i strive daily to really try to know God better. What better life can we have than to daily seek to know God better.... Thank you for sharing such helpful and inspiring ideas truly from the heart. Much appreciated.

  10. Right on TARGET.
    Deep and so very thoughtful.
    Will be worth many listenings
    taking us higher with greater clarity and vision
    and loving this demand on me to go deeper.
    Deepest gratitude

  11. Thank you for this honest, heartfelt message that helps guide us to the very core of Christ's being. It helps get past the material body concept. And it helps me feel like I can really feel closer to God. So much in this lecture and I'm glad to be able to return to it again.

  12. Thanks Deborah for a wonderful and very helpful talk. I have worked for some time with intellectualizing which seems to keep me matter-based. Your suggestions give me a boost in changing my approach to the application of CS.

  13. My oh my, That was a beautiful lecture. Tears of gratitude. Thank you Deborah, thank you dear Mother Church for having these lectures online.

  14. Whoosh! I feel bathed in the allness of God's mothering love. Thank you for this inspirational interview. Yep, the body sure wants to be recognized as solid matter able to be broken, aging, limited and you touched on all of those mistaken suggestilons. You have given me a different direction of study today and I'm so very grateful. Like #1 I went from the Lift to the lecture and stayed to the end. I'll be back for another listen with a pen in hand. Heaps of gratitude to you both.

  15. Thank You, Thank You! I first got a sense of God's (my Higher Power's) Love for me in the 12-Step Program! The 12 Steps are so simple and childlike - and straight from the Heart. Now I can put this together with the deeper and Headier metaphysical concepts of C.S. and I can bring the Heart and the Head together, which is what I really think Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy did and what Christianity and Christian Science are all about. Kinda like what John Tyler talked about: Multi-tasking - being able to "Think from the Heart"! Big Gratitude!

  16. All I can say is, WOW, Thank You!

  17. The feeling of this lecture was so powerful and full of Love that I felt it in the core of my being. Thank you both!

  18. This lecture was so clear and so felt. I felt so embraced in God's love and light. My whole being must be radiating, I can feel the Love

  19. What a wonderful heartfelt lecture. I cherish this idea you have shared. I have often asked myself how to show God that I love him. This gives me a new understanding. Thank you

  20. Thank you so much for this talk. The ideas you shared are so meaningful and much appreciated.

  21. Words seem inadequate to express my gratitude for this lecture and for the Production team who has put this on for us. Thanks to Chet as well. This is revolutionary and vital and precious.

  22. Thanks for this beautifully clear lecture. I'm so grateful for this as I've often wanted to hear how someone else explained getting closer to God. Thanks to Chet for your questions and to the production team for putting this on. Thanks to those who have responded. This is powerful, clear, accessible. These remarks will /have altered how I think about prayer and healing and treatment.

  23. Thank you so, so much!

  24. WOW! Very very powerful and I find it very difficult to put in words what I experienced after hearing this, but I all I can say is Thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting me into the fourth dimension of Spirit and feeling, not words but the feeling of God. With great gratitude to the daily lift team and all who make these lectures possible.

  25. Heart-felt thanks. So happy to be able to listen to these lectures again and again.

  26. Thank you so much for this wonderful lecture. I found Deborah's explanation of the term "treatment" as Mrs Eddy meant it ,to be very helpful. I have often struggled with the word/ concept, but as she explained, it is rightly just a term for the mode of healing, rather than an actual formula or metaphysical method used. I also loved her relating the Motherhood of God, Motherhood (humanly speaking) has always been the most important aspect of my life, so to see it as God's expression of His Love for all His children, gave me a greater sense of my love for Him. This in turn bringing with it the desire to know Him more fully which can only result in healing (awareness). Again, thank you!

  27. Mmmmmn Mmmmmn good!!!
    so ooo felt the honest heart of healing and LOVE of God, the simplicity and accuracy of Truth and courage to keep opening thought, deeply, truly;)))
    Thank you both for inviting all in for such a sweet, sacred interchange.

  28. Deborah, the only, ONLY way I believe you could share as you have done here is that you truly truly
    do know and love God, Truth, our Father. This is such deeply touching proof of the reality of God and His love, to me, and I'm sure to others. I am very grateful to you for your open-hearted gift of some of your experiences. What healing it will bring for our "world!" God must love us so tenderly, to provide this talk for us! And Chet, your words and part in this is so dear. I felt your love in your voice and presence. Thank you sincerely.

  29. Thank you. . .

  30. Thank you Deborah and Chet! I feel overtaken with gratitude for all the powerful, flesh ideas shared.

  31. Oh my . . . #30 Sandra says "overtaken with gratitude" .. . that's just how I feel, too. This wonderful talk--this healing conversation with Chet and Deborah, went straight to my heart. I could almost hear my precious FatherMotherGod saying, "Here, my dear, here is a gift for you, from Me." Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  32. Just like Barbara, only intended to listen to a bit of this and finish it later, but I couldn't stop! Feeling so inspired right now--thank you!

  33. I hope this lecture is available to more than just JSH'rs...It needs to go out into the world as it is FILLLLED with such love, healing, teaching, blessings....

    Thank you thank you!!

  34. This was wonderful. Thank you all for this uplifting experience. Captivating and now I have my work cut out for me!! And loving it. Much Thanks!!!

  35. Bless you both for this gentle, loving "conversation"....it doesn't feel like a 'lecture.'
    This is truly love reflected in love because I also see some of myself in your struggles and searching and finding.
    As our text book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures requires study, not just reading, so this presentation
    requires repeated, attentive listening, not just a cursory hearing.
    I woke up this Monday morning with the word "precision" issuing from the lips of the still small voice. I usually think of Scientific thought -- God's thoughts -- in terms of "perfection" or completeness or accuracy or truthfulness, even "reality," but the word precision hasn't been on my list of those familiar terms in that context. One would expect that Truth ought to be precise, Principle, also, but here you have shown me that Soul (God given identity, individuality) and Love have a definite, spiritual specificity that overrides ALL inaccurate portrayals by material thought. Therefore, Mind, Spirit, Life must have that quality also which now remains to be discovered.
    In the glossary of S&H there are definitions/descriptions of both Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven which might seem somewhat redundant. They are not. This talk further confirms my understanding of the fact that there truly is a REALM of CONSCIOUSNESS where ALL OF and ONLY God's Laws apply. You have helped me to better understand how to knock on the door to that Kingdom and invite others in to rejoice in that understanding.

  36. Also on page 155 is a reference to the metaphor of the (mental) balance or scale. As illustrated in this talk there are further lessons to be learned through a concordance search of all the writings on the terms weigh, weight, balance, scale, etc. and pulling them all together for a full picture of the practical application of this mode of thinking in applying Christian Science truths/facts to a healing need....even if that does sound a bit like it might be a form of "treatment." (smiley face) I thought it might be fun to visually teach Sunday school children a simple approach like this in order to help them deal with the challenges they may be facing. : ) Spirit = 100# ^ Matter = 0# scale tilt " / "
    Truth = (infinity sign) ^ Error = (a thumb on the scale = cheating you from realizing the full weight of the Truth)
    scale tilt " \ "

  37. thank you both so very much for this -- Wonderful!

  38. Thank you so much Deborah and Chet. This talk is so refreshing - put so clearly.
    Blessing every practicing Christian Scientist.

  39. So grateful for this discussion. Helped me to realize insights on healing that I will apply immediately. A real boost! Thank you!!

  40. Moved to tears and deeply appreciative. Thank you.

  41. WOW!

  42. Dear Deborah,
    Ever notice when just served food is especially good and everyone is hungry that the conversation and chatter simply stops for a time? The last few minutes of your talk was just like that. Your interviewer, a very calming person in his own right, simply stopped and bathed quietly, as we all did, in the peace and power and calm and perfect spiritual pitch of your commitment to the lifting of the human condition. For that moment the whole world was at peace as our hunger was being fed. Thank you.

  43. With deep, sincere, heartfelt gratitude for this wonderful clearly articulated from the heart (Soul) talk to us, the weary wanders athirst in the desert for these profound and understandable much needed truths, thank
    you! I cannot see how it can get any better than this although I know it can and does get "righter." This
    needs to be studies and listened to on a regular to get as clear as you have articulated your understanding of healing. My heart (understanding) is so full and eyes so filled with tears for the joy you have shared with us today. Blessings continually to both Deborah and Chet for taking the time to share with us this day. Much love and gratitude to all involved.

  44. Thank you so much for this Deborah. I so want to know God intimately and am so grateful for the pure, simple, and honest ideas shared. Thanks so much to the Mother Church and everyone that works on these new ways to help and encourage us all on our spiritual journeys. xoxo

  45. So very clear about the purpose of CS treatment--to help us to move thought to the "secret place" where healing is seen. I learned in class that CS must be not so much from the head as from the heart, but it is easy to get caught up in process. Love does it. I love this lecture and some of the reminder it provides about how healing becomes evident, that it is truly a revealing or awakening to our true body, not an intellectual exercise that fixes material bodies. Spiritual reasoning uplifts thought to a higher standpoint where Truth is more readily seen and matter's nothingness is apparent.

  46. Wow! I am deeply grateful for this frank, humble and spiritually felt experience.
    Thank you all.
    Caryn from Reno 11/3/13

  47. Thank you, Father-Mother God, for teaching us how to feel your love through the tender words and Christian example of your children, Deborah and Chet.

  48. Thank you so much Deborah. This is really wonderful. It is blessing so many, and will continue to do so.

  49. So, clear, helpful, and healing ideas to pray with every day.
    Thank you !.

  50. Thank you for sharing from the heart...the "heart of prayer." Precious, inspiring, so very helpful and healing!

  51. Please, please, please continue these special lectures and expand the idea in as many ways as possible. As one who was raised with CS, I seem to have "picked up" misinformation and these lectures are helping me correct some pretty serious flaws in my understanding. I am grateful to have dedicated, humble, experienced teachers/practitioners whose sole desire is to share their wealth of understanding and practical, clear examples. I have listened to both lectures a few times and I can sense a loosening of hardened soil in my thought and heart! Thank you, thank you!

  52. All I can say is thank you. I feel much closer to God. Bless you both.

  53. Powerful! Bravo and many thanks,

  54. Really felt like I was in that secret place of the Most High during this whole talk! Thank you so much!

  55. Thank you so much...absolutely beautiful...I've been having some wonderful,healing moments lately...but there also seemed to be some stuff that hadn't budged yet...and I was tempted to become a bit depressed. BUT this helped shift my thinking...and move me forward with new hope..,the kind of hope that is NOT a cheat. It was interesting that on returning to this link... that instead of thinking I would listen to the PREVIOUS talk...instead there YOU and Chet were...and I found wonderful NEW inspiration on how to think about what I AM...and it really helped...Thank you again.

  56. This is so inspiring and encouraging! Thanks very, very much Deborah!

  57. Wow! I want to join the others in saying "wow !" This was so special. I got so much from taking this journey with you, Deborah. Thank you very much. I also want to thank the board of directors for their inspired listening. This guest lecturer series is fantastic. There have only been two but both have been powerful. When I want to give myself a gift I listen to the lectures.
    With such love and appreciation, thank you.

  58. I am so grateful that you were able to share this beautiful, most inspiring lecture on line. I was glued to listening to the many thoughts you shared--ie: how you listen to God--I have been working with that very thought. Thank you- thank you --deeply moving to me.Also ,thankyou Chet for the great questions that Deborah answered so Christian Scientifically---wonderfully.

  59. Powerful, clear and pure. Thank you so very much!

  60. Mothering, fathering, nurturing, caring and lots of 'binding up the broken-hearted' in this 48 min slot - just LOVING God with one's whole heart and letting that diffuse into all our relationships and DO its healing work... no formulas, not just reading about it in a book or knowing it in theory, or intellectually. But YES, living the Christ message - as Mary Baker Eddy did too: "Love, Love, Love". Thank you Deborah for such "whole-souled" honesty and for this wonderful 'conversational lecture' on "Getting it RIght-er" with Chet where you have both shared so many simple, yet profound insights into effective healing prayer. And thank you to Tina for drawing this to my attention, and to all the Daily Lift and Publications team, for putting such wonder-full programs 'out there' - which truly has blessed us all.

  61. Glorious.......

  62. How clear, how true, how essential. Thank you!

  63. Thanks so much for that very concise lecture about God and his eternal presence. I was awed, a little stunned and amazed to learn of the things that I still don't know in my heart and the necessity for knowing the heart and soul of God for healing. Thank you again, Linda from Sacramento

  64. Thank you so so much for this beautiful heartfelt lecture. So very inspiring and uplifting with experiences that revealed Gods love for his creation.

  65. A heartfelt thank you for this lecture.

  66. What a wonderful, beautiful uplifting discussion. So many helpful ideas for us who are striving to better demonstrate the love of God and the right ideas that Mrs. Eddy helps us put into practice. Thank you, Deborah and Chet.

  67. What a wonderful, beautiful uplifting discussion. So many helpful ideas for us who are striving to better demonstrate the love of God and the right ideas that Mrs. Eddy helps us put into practice. Thank you, Deborah and Chet.

  68. Thank you Deborah and Chet. After listening again to this wonderful lecture, I went away singing hymn No. 224 from the Christian Science Hymnal "Hence-forth my great concern shall be To love and praise Thee more."

  69. Thank you Deborah and Chet.

  70. Truly wonderful and so inspiring. Thank you both SO Much.

  71. Home run. What an amazing and inspiring conversation. Gonna listen again. Right now. Thanks for this remarkable series.

  72. My second time listening to this, but not my last. I'm going to keep listening until I get it right. It brings out so clearly what Mrs. Eddy said, when she said, "It's Love that heals."
    Thank you so much for this series. Keep them coming!

  73. Pivital ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I agree with all the comments. How wonderful these lectures are for the world! What healings they bring.

  74. So helpful, thank you so much.

  75. I have been studying C.S. since 1986 and have never really understood idea and many things. I think C.S. has kept many bad things from me, but there are some situations that have never left my life---painful ones. and I have had few physical healings.I was just telling this to a practitioner when someone sent me this and this is the answer. I live with both my mother and sister and neither one of them is into C.S. In fact, they are both very material and according to this talk, it definitely can affect me. My next new thing is to learn how to turn things into ideas. Right now, I am a little lost on that,but sincere in my desire to do it. I wonder if people stay in Science as long as I have and take this long to finally come into understanding. I learned so much about effective prayer in this lecture and will be listening to this many times. I really just want to feel the Christ, whether you want to call it the love of Jesus Christ or whatever. I have seen it in people, like some nuns here who run this school for women. It feels so good to call them. And the other day, I went to leave a couple of books off at the Salvation Army and the dear AfroAmerican man who came out to the car was so gracious and kind, I could feel the love--so melting of all the concerns of world. I am just so grateful for that experience.
    Another time I went there, another man wished me a Happy Thanksgiinv so gentlemanly and we talked bout his family. I was thankfkul for the talk.May God Bless us all.

  76. Deborah: Thank you so much for your clear thought. It was so helpful to me....God bless you and the Staff , including Chet, that makes these "Reflections" Programs possible!

  77. So grateful for this lecture. God bless all.

  78. The story of God revealing to you to cherish God's motherhood that was embracing a patient's husband brought tears of gratitude! Thank you for encouraging us to get simple, sincere, and grateful for all God is. I've listened to this man times...it is so inspiring. Have shared some of these stories with others...it is wonderful to see just a yearning to love God and feel His presence can move mountains of fear.

  79. Wow, I'm really grateful for this. My new look at 'treatment' is very helpful....actually the whole presentation is extremely helpful.

  80. This was just what I needed to hear. Thank you. I am so grateful for Christian Science.

  81. another WOW!!
    this was recently shared with me, and am so grateful.I have listened 4 times so far.thank you so much Deborah and Chet for such precious heartfelt sharing, and to all those who together bring these wonderful presentations to us.To me this is like the practical application of all the'theory' we study in CS. Wonderful.Just wonderful.i will be returning and listening many more times!

  82. 2nd time I've listened and this is still fresh and powerful and helpful. Like the other responders, this talk fills me with gratitude and humility. thank you. Now, on to living these ideas.

  83. Thank you Deborah and Chet for such a beautiful conversation about Christian Science depth and healing. I have listened to it twice and will return again as I live and work with what has shown up valuable so far, and each time something "new" appears. I am grateful for being able to pause the voice so I can write a new unfoldment down before continuing. This listening experience for me is continuation of "class" and I am so grateful for the ongoing unfoldment of Christian Science expression from the Mother Church to all of Gods children out here wanting to learn more, share more and experience this level of divine Mind sharing. Thank you, thank you from the depth of my heart.

  84. Thanks, Deborah. This lecture is just packed with wonderful truths and insights. I continue to listen to it frequently while out walking and keep getting new (and reinforced) ideas to work with.

  85. Thank you for this conversation so imbued with the Spirit. Your inspiration about Christian Science Treatment were so helpful to me.

  86. I have heard this lecture time and time again. Totally in awe. You are one magnificent speaker and I cling to every word you say. God bless you for your inspiring thoughts and sharing them with us.

  87. I just found out about this - don't know how I missed it before... thank you so much Deborah and Chet. Would love to know where the MBE quote about a cell less in the brain and more from the heart came from - it's wonderful!!

  88. I agree with all the comments above, and want to express my gratitude for this wonderful offering, which I have listened to many times and feel deeply blessed. A big thank you to all who work to provide such amazing resources which have powerfully impacted on my life and demonstration of cs

  89. How grateful I am to report the healing effects of Christian Science. As I listened to this 'lecture' and felt the love and healing power, I found my shoulder, which had been so painful to move for several days, just suddenly healed. The thought that I was the expression of the attributes of God and not material was so freeing.
    Thanks you Deborah and Chet for this inspired broadcast.

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