1/22: Healing — because there is no fear

1/22: Healing — because there is no fear

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  1. Thank you very, very much.

  2. My heart is overjoyed at this lecture; everything I needed all in less than one hour but I'd still be listening if it was longer. Most appreciated lecture in my 62 years as a member of the Mother Church. How can I get it on CD to share with family?

  3. Oh Dee, this is so what I needed to hear today. I gave myself the gift of listening to it and working with it this afternoon. It has blessed me and will undoubtedly bless many others. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And to the Board for this inspired lecture series. Each month is such a lovely gift to all of us.

  4. What a lovely talk. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you for sharing your faith filled words and loving presence . . . . A true demonstration of how spirit flows through us and heals.

  6. Thank you, these ideas have given me a lot to think about, - starting from right now.

  7. After listening to this lecture, I feel so very loved and cared for by God. The truths expressed therein bring new meaning to the statement, "Perfect love casteth out fear." Knowing that God loves us and is caring for us makes God, Love, all and fear nothing, and we are healed.

  8. Dear Dee, thank you very much for your wonderful lecture. The way you've told us is with so much love, comes right into me. It gives me strength, confidence and the right feeling of Divine Love. Just what I need these days. Thank you very, very much. I'am grateful to the Board also to put these lectures on the website.

  9. Dee I cannot put into words just how special this is.
    I'm working through a challenge right now that seems very fearful, and it was as though I had poured my heart out to you, and you were answering all I needed to know.
    I didn't want it to end!
    I shall be listening to this over and over.
    Thank you so much, I am so grateful to you for sharing this.

  10. Dear Carol, please accept my flood tides of gratitude for this beautiful healing message. It is, indeed, a gift to be treasured!

  11. Dee - thank you so much for this wonderful lecture! You have given me so much to ponder and apply!

  12. Thank you from the batton of my hart, i need to hear these lecture i fill like new aging these was food to my soul thank thank you

  13. Dee, thank you for this wonderful awakening lecture. I am so grateful for the fresh ideas shared today to ponder and include in my prayers.

  14. Thank you Dear One for this treatment. I accept my healing with gratitude to God for His/Her omnipotent love and care for each one and the Universe.

  15. WOW!!! Thank you! "Embosomed deep in God's dear Love held in His law we stand..." (CS Hymnal)

  16. A healing, healing, healing talk - filled with prayer, understanding, proof, love, and shared with such clarity, beauty, and grace. Sincere and humble gratitude, Dee, for this gift - and the B of L and Church for countless precious provisions.

  17. WOW! So beautiful. So beautiful. Thank you.

  18. Joan
    - 1/22/2014

    My heart is overjoyed at this lecture; everything I needed all in less than one hour but I'd still be listening if it was longer. Most appreciated lecture in my 62 years as a member of the Mother Church. How can I get it on CD to share with family?

    answer to your question = look under the place that you played the teaching. You will see "Download". after you download then you are able to burn the CD if your computer allows you to do that. You need to have software installed to burn CD or DVD.

  19. Dear Dee:

    Thank you ever so much. So very inspiring and thought provoking. I have been dealing with a challenge which grips most people with terrible fear. Your lecture has been most helpful in giving me new insight .I will be listening to this again and again.

  20. My heart is filled with joy! Thank you for your inspiring clarity of thought. Divine Love clearly is all and blesses all.

  21. Like #9 from England I immediately felt you heard my heart crying out and heeded the call
    giving me what I need to know. I too didn't want it to end. I am grateful without measure for this sharing and that I and my family can drink from this fountain of living water that I know will end
    the claim of drought in any form. Thanks be to God, MBE, JC, and The Bd of Directors for this
    gift of grace.
    gift of grace

    The Board of Directors for making this possible

  22. I have been a student of Christian Science for 73 years--since I was 12 years old and I have never before heard a lecture to compare with this absolute affirmation of God's all encompassing love. I'm so grateful to you for it.

  23. Thank you Dee for this powerful message. I loved your Daily Lift and it led me into your lecture! I can go forward today with no fear; knowing that the Allness of God is there for me, and everyone!

  24. Oh Dee! Thank you for this Ocean of Love... your voice certainly is that "deep settled calm "

  25. Healing does not take time - it takes Truth! A wonderful statement to reflect upon when healings seem slow or dragging on. Fear is false evidence appearing real, thus the word fear!

  26. Really, excellent piece of clarity, thank you.

  27. Wonderful.

  28. Thank you for this very practical and logical treatment spoken with such a loving voice full of sincerity. I will listen again and study the Bible verses you referred to so I can put out any hidden fear. "Perfect Love casteth out fear."

  29. This is so beautiful. Thanks for this precious gift reminding us of what we need to know and do. Grateful for this healing message. Healing !

  30. Thank you for giving each of us such a calm,clear assurance of the Allness of God's Love. I so appreciated your gentle manner in leading us to a firm understanding of the nothingness of all forms of fear. I feel that I have been washed clean. Your message touched me deeply.

  31. Thank you Dee, Fear is not possible because all things are possible with God, so fear is not a thing. Peace is possible.

  32. Thank you Dee for this perfect message.
    It's something to take hold of, and put it to work.

  33. Dee, You have given me an answer to understanding why the temptations Jesus faced
    from the devil--especially turning stones into bread-- were different than his turning water
    into wine and multiplying the loaves and fishes. The devil was tempting him to take
    credit for doing the work himself. In providing for the wedding and feeding his listeners he
    was letting the allness and love of God replace the fear of lack. The results were abundance
    to meet the human need. Your message on the Daily Lift led me to your lecture this morning.
    Knowing there is no fear because God is all and because of that I do not need to destroy it
    is so clearly explained.

  34. Because I am the man(ifestation) of all that God is, I am incapable of fear. I am whole, well, strong, beautiful, balanced, satisfied. I am spiritual, eternally perfect. I need no change. I am like God, creative Mind. I live, move, have my being in Spirit, Principle, perfect Love. My being is not as a human being, but as a divine being. Joy always accompanies Truth-knowing. Thank you, God.
    I know my real self to be one with all that You are. I rest in this assurance.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this lecture online. I have been dealing with fear and it helped me to look at things in a different, better light.

  36. Wow. The subtle wedge of fear uncovered. Such a small seeming thing, and yet no-thing. Thank you for sharing your insights so deftly - the Christ shining through. I'll return to listen to this lecture again and again. The reassurance of "I can of my own self do nothing" really shows where to start - with God, His allness and perfection! Thank you Dee!

  37. Such a beautiful lecture beautifully given. There is nothing to fear.

  38. Dear Dee, Thank you for the 'lift' that took me to listen to this healing lecture in our C.S.Reading Room near the harbour this evening. Can't ever remember being 'on duty' here on a Wednesday. 8pm. Best start with a Welcome, Hymn, some Bible Readings then S&H and lots of gratitude. Thanks for giving me the courage and the smile to let God take me the extra mile! Truly Love is the Greatest Thing in the World. Bought the Julia Wade CD and book here this morning.
    Good evening. Let's sing! Hymn 453.

  39. Thank you, dear, wonderful Dee, for that deep, profound, yet simple truth you shared. I have listened several times and will listen again. God's powerful love destroys the fear and the disease. This truth belongs to all of us in the joyous work of healing. I love it! I love God! I love you!

  40. what a gorgeous lecture. I would love for you to relate it to lack of employment fears, place, etc.
    thank you.

  41. What treasures this Daily Lift and the lecture are! God is LOVE, and God is power. How grateful I am to know and hear these concepts so beautifully and clearly explained. Love is the only power in our lives and it is ALL we need. We must stand still, and let God fight our battles against fear, which is really nothing at all, since there is no fear. Thank you, Dee. This is truly a healing message, and one I deeply appreciate. I will listen to this again and again.

  42. Thank you so much for your work, your willingness to listen and articulate this clear message of God's healing power, Love, eliminating the suggestion of fear.

  43. This is a game changer. Thank you.

  44. loved this so much -- thank you Dee.

  45. Dee, Thank you for sharing these spiritual truths. With much gratitude, Karen

  46. Wow! What a call to all Christian Scientists to dig deeper into the understanding of what REALLY Heals! We are so Blessed to have this. Thank You, Dee! And Love and Blessings to Buenie!

  47. Thank you Dee, for the grace and strength communicated
    through this lecture. Love ever, Jeanine

  48. What can I say that hasn't already been said? This truth has been the cup of cold water that I've been praying about for a long time. Many thanks.

  49. Wonderful!!! Thank you Dee, and thank you dear Love for being ALL.

  50. Thank you for this crystal clear message of Love's presence & healing power!

  51. Thank you so much. So wonderful, and so beautifully delivered.

  52. what an everlasting gift, Dee, thank you

  53. Thank you so much. So much Love and Truth in the lecture. Anyone who hears this should be able to understand that beautiful Truth

  54. Many thanks Dee - an inspiring lecture. Greatly appreciated

  55. Precious Dee! Such a powerful, healing message about our being called to allow Love's all-goodness to sink in, working with us, for us, through us.
    A hugely heartfelt thank you for how beautifully you've shared divine Science in a nutshell and taken us to a higher level -- one of fearless spiritual understanding, deeper trust in and dependence on Love's truth.
    Many blessings and so much love, Suz

  56. This was wonderful! Thank you so much!

  57. Thanks so much Dee. I first heard your Daily Lift, "Game Changer" and became aware of the lectures being given, "Reflections" on line from yesterday's Testimony Meeting on line in the announcements. Then I noticed that you were giving a lecture as part of this outreach. I heard your lecture today and have been very inspired by your message. I've already recommended both your Daily Lift and your lecture to a loved one in my family to whom I will forward the Daily Lift with access to your lecture.

    I'm grateful for the healing that you related. It shows that all things are possible to God. It was so encouraging!!

  58. P.S.
    I just sent your Daily Lift, "Game Changer" and your lecture, "Healing - because there is no fear" to five people in my family. Thanks again. "What blesses one, blesses all" as Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health.

  59. What a lovely this is.

  60. I have never hear anything like this.
    You are right, it is a game changer.Thank you for opening my thought.


  62. GOD is bigger than all our problems.

  63. Thank you so much I was nearly giving up seemed like a big problem I have been dealing with but feel much better with those lovely thoughts. ElizabethE

  64. Powerful, precious. thank you. AND thanks to all those who have commented.

  65. How long will this excellent healing lecture be available on this site? Will it be "archived" someplace for listening later?
    Thank you, Dee, for this lesson on the absolute.

    Shared Reflections Team:
    There are no plans to remove this audio lecture from this site. In fact, keep watch for the 2014 April Journal where you'll find a printed insert of Dee's lecture.

  66. Oh, my heart is so grateful for this message today. I am dealing with much fear over a child's legal situation and listening to this lecture is helping me to know there is no fear... God Love is ALL... Very much appreciated - i feel like you are my best friend encouraging me today. I am truly grateful to have found Christian Science.

  67. This is a wonderful healing message. I am very grateful.

  68. Dee -

    What an awesomely powerful statement of the Truth; given with a clarity and confidence that only comes from experience derived from demonstration.

    My sincere gratitude for your love and effective work for all of us; my sincere respect to all those who practice - in whatever way or degree, this healing truth that is called Christian Science.

  69. Dee,
    Thank you for this inspiring message. You certainly show that the power to overcome fear is God's power….and not the power of human thinking, or anything to do with human stuff. It's thrilling to read that people are really "GETTING IT"!! Thank you for sharing this truth with such sincere feeling.

  70. Dee: Thank you for this message. Very inspiring . Most helpful.-June Mach Fallbrook, Ca.

  71. Thank you very much for the precious (not pressure) moment which will last long with us,

  72. Thank you. I'm surprised, though, that you never mentioned man in your talk--who we truly are (spiritual and not matter mortals). What helps me handle fear is looking out FROM Mind, not up to it as if I had a separate little mind. By looking out FROM Mind we feel the fearless love Mind is feeling, see as Mind is seeing, know as Mind is knowing, etc.

  73. What a beautiful treasure this message of God's love is. Thank you

  74. Dear lovely Dee,
    I found your lecture earlier this evening and have spent over two hours listening to it, stopping to take notes, and then listening some more. Your gentle voicing of those powerful, healing truths was such a joy, bringing a great sense of relief that we can 'drop our burdens at God's feet and bear a smile away'.
    Heartfelt thanks to you for this deeply inspired revelation.

  75. Dear Dee,
    What a wonderful gift from you and our Mother Church. This presentation has been and will continue to be a great help to me.
    Thank you, thank you.

  76. Thank you very much for this lecture. It is just what I needed most of all,It is the truth.wonderful!!"

  77. For me, this lecture was a game-changer!

  78. Thank you so very, very much. This is exactly what I needed to hear to move forward with healing of a long-standing physical claim. And it answers the questions that have lingered in tho't, bringing such mental relief that I'm not weird for wondering about these things. I feel I'm back on that Rock. Karin

  79. Love, love, love this lecture. Listen to it often. Thanks so much

  80. This whole lecture felt like a powerful healing treatment! Thank you soooo very much!

  81. Beautiful thoughts to ponder. Much appreciation and love to you Dee and all.

  82. What a powerful talk. This is ultimate sharing of love.
    Love spoke through you that we may audibly hear and cherish this precious messages.

    My deepest gratitude.

  83. I can only express my deepest gratitude, Carol Dee, for this healing lecture. I needed to be reminded of the truths you offered and how they apply to pain, grief, etc. Many thanks and much, much love…xoxo

  84. Thank you so very much. I've been listening to this often during the night. It feels like being embraced in Mind, right there voicing exactly the Truth that's needed. What a blessing. I'm so grateful.

  85. Thanks to all the team for providing one more wonderful lecture to feed us spiritually.
    I'd love to share that lecture with my daughter. How do I do that?

    Daily Lift Team
    To share a link to this lecture click on the envelope icon below the play bar. A box will open that allows you to send an e-mail with a link to the lecture.


  87. Thank you Dee for this wonderful talk. It's healing message is so simple and yet so profound. And thank you for sharing your husband's healing. And for the thought that healing does not take time, it takes Truth.

  88. Thanks for helping me to understand my true freedom from fear

  89. Thank you so much. I have listen to this many times in the grip of fear and it has been such a huge help. And thank you TMC Thor making this lectures available.

  90. I have listened to this healing message so many times and each time I get more inspirations. Thank you so very much.

  91. Thank you Dee for expanding so clearly fears claim and MO - and to define it as anything that denies God's Allness/Onlyness. That gives me an opportunity to detect, and remove the mask of latent, lurking thoughts and let Divine Love's light in. Thanks again. I'll visit this often and share it lots.

  92. This lecture has given me so much simple Truth to contemplate. I have listened to this message over and over and continue to find new treasure each time I hear it. I feel such a presence of God in this healing message. Thank you for loving us all with this wonderful gift.

  93. Dee, thank you for being so motherly. I so need that.

  94. Thank you for being so motherly

  95. Sooo amazing!! Thank You Dee from the bottom of my heart! Truly a lecture to cherish forever! Love to all who brought this to share with our church and the world!...Thank You..Thank You..God Bless!!

  96. Thank you for this loving lecture and example of the power of Christian Science. My heart feels SUCH gratitude.

  97. Thank you what a WONDERFUL lecture.

  98. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. I felt I was hearing God's voice through this precious lecture.

  99. Audrey - 2/25/20/14

    Thank you so much for this most comforting lecture. I have listened to it three times and so grateful it will be available for many times to come. I am so grateful for this new series.

  100. Very much appreciated and very much needed to hear and to fully recognize! Now!

  101. Thank you so much for this just wonderful lecture, I have listened to it many, many times.

  102. thank you so much for this. i really love it. i really needed this.

  103. These are such powerful statements of Truth. Thank you for your dedication to the practice, teaching and sharing your insight with this global community.

  104. Thank you sooo much for this powerful Treatment! I will use it over and over<3

  105. Beautiful!

  106. Marilyn from Idaho 3-5-13 Thank you, I love your sweet, loving delivery and the beautiful truths you shared. May God bless you.

  107. Thank you God that you are All. Thank you Dee for sharing this fact so clearly, so preciously!

  108. Thank you, so helpful to let go of I and let God's Love do it.

  109. Carol, This is so lovely and just wonderful...you helped so...thank you so much!

  110. Thank you! I am so encouraged!

  111. Wonderful inspiration and encouragement at a time when I am facing a most challenging time. This helps give me peace and relief from fear and despair. Heartfelt thanks.

  112. Awesome. I love how you spoke it, with such gentleness and kindness. I enjoyed your questions throughout the talk, and the pause to encourage us to think what this means and to internalize it.

    I read it as you spoke it. Thank you for including it in the April Journal. Excellent work.

  113. Thank you for sharing with such clarity and calm the idea that we simply honor God -- we are not trying to be God or do God's work. Honoring is a wonderful insight -- very practical and doable! What a gift you have given us all with this talk. Much love to you and everyone in Boston and around the world who works to explain Christian Science and help the world step out of its fears!

  114. I have this lecture bookmarked on my computer!

  115. Thank you Carol Dee Lewis for this precious lecture. I have listened to it over and over. I am so grateful for your devotion to Christian Science.

  116. I feel so much gratitude for your clear, love filled lecture. I have listened several times and have been so thankfull to be able to read "Healing _ because there is no fear in the allness of Love" printed in the April 2014 Journal. Have been able to share these powerfull ideas with others.

  117. Two women farmer (cattle and sheep) friends and I listened to this in a park in Cooma. They wanted to hear it again...and before we could plan another get-together I heard it is in the April Christian Science Journal - "Before they call I will answer!" Thank you! What a blessing. I have shared this and shared it...just now with someone who likes to listen while she cooks :)

  118. I have read and reread many times the printed version of this leacture. Now I have listened to it several times and will no doubt do so again. Also shared it with a son and know full well how he will be blessed as we all are with this wonderful, wonderful lecture. Thank you ever so much and much gratitude also to the board of lectureship.

  119. This is just what I needed to hear tonight---my husband is in the hospital, and I LOVED the way that fear is addressed here with such clarity. Thank you so very much.

  120. Thank you Ms. Lewis. Your incisive thoughts led me to this view of Psalms 23:
    I AM shepherds; I AM does not want.
    I AM greens the pasture, stills the waters.
    I AM Soul setting all in His path.
    I AM no death, no fear, only comfort.
    I AM charity, gentleness, prayer.
    I AM goes before, dwells with us.

  121. This absolutely grabbed my thought and lifted it higher than it's been in ages!!! It produced that "YES!!!", refreshed, energized, elated-yet-humbly-grateful feeling of God's presence that I've experienced too seldom!! I found myself wholeheartedly inspired and wishing it would never end! I thank God every time I'm aware of anyone sharing Christian Science in this "across-the-kitchen-table" style.

    When I started reading this lecture insert I was wrestling with a stressful situation involving a very important decision and by the time I finished it I had recognized the fear-based stress and replaced it with trust in God’s total care & control. The result was instant peace of mind followed by a confident decision and a harmonious outcome. The focus of this lecture is so pivotal that I plan to revisit it regularly until I'm sure I've "made it my own"! Thank you, Dee!

  122. Thx a lot

  123. I cannot fully express how lovely, loving and tender this lecture is to me. Thank you for sharing.

  124. Thank you, Ms. Lewis, for such a relevant message. The depth of your detailed talk is such a blessing, and I shall keep this lecture in my permanent file for future reference. And when our lesson this week, 4-6-14, mentions "be not deceived," your analogy of "be not afraid" is most helpful.

  125. This is quite an exceptional lecture ! Thank you so much, dear Dee! When the April Journal had arrived, the following Wednesday someone got up in church and gave profound thanks for your lecture which is included in the Journal. I, too,have been deeply touched and blessed by what and how you said your message about Love casting out fear and healing all disease. I have read it at least three times. And now as I discovered the spoken lecture it is like having found a precious pearl. this verse from 1.John had accompanied me during most of my life. It gave me courage and joy, as I had been very shy as a young person. And this verse helped me to overcome this wrong feeling and instead find and feel confidence because Love is always with me. And I am surrounded with Love.

  126. This is a profoundly moving talk, and so helpful to me. Thank you so much for sharing this clear and concise view of the impact of fear and how to overcome its supposed effects. I love you for it!!!

  127. I have often worried that the fear of fear itself is preventing needed healing of myself or my children and despaired of how to 'get rid of it'! In a discussion on this subject someone mentioned your lecture to me and it has so completely answered that false conception. Thank you SO much this was simply wonderful

  128. I found the hard copy of this lecture inside the April Journal, and followed along as I listened for the first time this morning. What a precious and powerful combination. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift.

  129. You are a gifted messenger of Love. This is one of the most powerful messages I have heard in a very long time. Please join the BOL for regular talks. Your gift of expressing the Truth is completely inspirational but yet easy to understand. WoW!

  130. I felt like i was sitting down with a dear friend talking about Christian science and the nothingness of fear. Youe explanations were so simple and made clear to me as never before. Thankyou for this you are a great teacher:)

  131. I am so grateful for this wonderful, inspiring lecture, which I keep returning to.

  132. This talk meant very much to me.
    Thank you or sharing your inspiration.

  133. A beautiful and thoroughly comforting talk. Thank you so much Carol :-)

  134. Since the first moment this talk was published on Shared Reflections, I have listened over and over too many times to count. I continue to make it my own. Each line is so rich in meaning and meant to be studied. TRULY the BEST treatment of fear I have EVER heard. TRULY a GIFT from God! This talk has brought so much comfort that I realized that I have been remiss in not expressing my gratitude. Carol Dee, your delivery is superb and like a warm hug! Many thanks for allowing God's healing message to flow through you to us!

  135. We are still LOVING this inspired sharing! We listen to this over and over and over with sincere gratitude for this UPlifting message of God's dear Truth! LOVE is all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

  136. Thank you, Dee. I have read and listened to this many times. Dissolving fear, uncovering its many disguises, have been very helpful. Sharing your husband's healing is so heartening, proof that such healing is happening today and therefore is possible for everyone.

  137. Dear Dee,
    My gratitude for your phenomenal talk is speechless , in deed is a complete treatment
    Without a doubt healing and blessing infinitely .
    May God allow us to grow in understanding Now!


  138. Wonderful beyond words. I have been living with this one, listening to it over and over again.

  139. An amazingly helpful talk ... I have listened to it while out walking literally dozens of times. Thank you so much for it!

  140. Thank you soo much for this wonderful lecture. It is very comforting and healing. I have listened to it so many times.

  141. Thank you so much. I have turned to this for comfort so many times .. It was exactly what I needed and is surely Divine Love meeting my human need.

  142. I'm so grateful for finding this lecture. It is so powerful and so easy to understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  143. Carol, I agree with all the commenters this lecture is so profound, deep penetrating into every fiber or our being ( spiritual ideas of God). For me, just the sound of your voice has touched my heart with Love. We can feel God's Love pouring as you speak. So grateful too for these online lectures that are available for the world to hear and listen for the "still small voice"

  144. Thank you for an absolutely remarkable lecture. My thought is uplifted and comforted each time I listen to it.

  145. How uplifting! I've read your lecture many times, but today listened to it for the first time. Your soft voice enhances the spiritual message.