Coverage of Christian Science health care services

Various U.S. federal, state, and private health insurance plans provide for the reimbursement of Christian Science nursing care and practitioner treatment. The U.S. Federal Office has been working to increase the availability of insurance options that cover these types of care.

Medicare and Christian Science nursing facilities

Seventeen Christian Science nursing facilities across the United States are Medicare providers. (Find out more from the Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc.)


Check out our article on health savings accounts (HSAs) for more information.

Other insurance plans covering Christian Science care

By clicking on the links below, you can find a sampling of insurance plans we have on record that accommodate Christian Science care.

If you are aware of changes to any of these plans such that they no longer include Christian Science care services or know of other plans that do that we haven’t listed, please let us know.

Note that this is an informational resource only; you will want to check directly with your insurance provider to learn more about the specific plans and most current coverage information, and to determine whether or not they comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Does the health insurance plan offered by your employer not include Christian Science care services? Write to your employer to ask that Christian Science care services be included as a covered benefit!