Talking with others about health


Many people are seeking answers to their health problems and as Christian Scientists, what we have to contribute is vital to this discussion and is a natural outcome of the healings we’ve experienced. Speaking from our own experiences - concisely and without jargon - is one of the most effective ways of sharing how Christian Science has benefited our lives.

The “Talking With Others About Health” workshop is a great way to practice our communication skills, exchange ideas, and support each other in our ongoing quest to be better communicators. All of the resources you’ll need to get started are below! And remember, you can always be in touch with your local Committee on Publication to host a workshop at your local branch!


Six tips handout

Helpful tips for talking with others about health

Video: Explanation of the six tips

Watch a video that goes into more detail about each of the 6 tips.

Practice questions

Practice on your own, with a friend, or with an entire group!

Lives Lived videos

Speaking from your own experience is one of the most effective ways to communicate about Christian Science and how it affects one's health. In the Lives Lived series, you can watch other Christian Scientists share their experiences in clear, concise public-friendly ways!