Social media

Using social media to correct impositions in public thought has proven to be highly effective!  Everyone is encouraged to participate in Committee work and one way to do this is by using social media.  Social networking resources such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging are just some of the ways to fulfill the Committee on Publication mandate in the Church Manual to “circulate in large quantities” correct information about Christian Science.  Committees on Publication around the world have been writing articles published on news websites that can easily be shared with the public.  Go to the press room to read more.  
Here are a few examples of ways YOU can participate in correcting impositions by using social media:


 Many of us use Facebook as a way to stay in touch with friends and family.  However, it can also be used to share ideas and engage in conversations.  This is a wonderful platform to share Christian Science and correct misconceptions in public thought.  Another easy way to engage with others is by sharing or “liking” Committee on Publication blogs.


Like Facebook, Twitter is a great way to share ideas.  But unlike Facebook, these ideas are not just shared with your friends, but can reach out to a much broader audience.  You can “follow” your local Committee on Publication and retweet links to articles and blogs that may be of interest to others.   


Many Committees are blogging.  What is a blog?  It’s a way to publish content directly on the internet without an editor or publisher.  Subscribing to your local Committee’s blogs is an easy way to support their work.  Adding your comment about the ideas expressed in the blog shows support for the writer. The traffic and comments generated from a Committee’s blog post provide newspaper and/or magazine editors with a benchmark as to how the Committee’s work might connect with its readers, if published. Go to the press room to find all Committee blogs. 

To learn more about social media and how it is being used by The First Church of Christ, Scientist, check out the social media workshop video from Annual Meeting 2012.