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A Christian Science Military Chaplain is a commissioned military officer, serving as a Protestant Chaplain in the Armed Forces. The military chaplaincy is an avenue for serving God, church, and country in an especially rewarding way.

Our “Practitioners in Uniform” bring The Mother Church’s healing response to those serving their country in uniform wherever they are stationed. Our chaplains ensure and provide for the free exercise of religion for all service members, as well as providing special ministry to Christian Scientists.

The Mother Church’s Military Chaplain Training Program is comprised of three major components: formal seminary education; regular training under the auspices of The Mother Church; and practical field experience. Applicants must meet both the military’s requirements for chaplains and The Mother Church’s requirements.

For more information on requirements for the program, or to request an application, contact the Christian Science Military Chaplain Endorsing Agent, Janet Horton, at

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“In your peaceful homes remember our brave soldiers, whether in camp or in battle. Oh, may their love of country, and their faithful service therof, be unto them life preservers!”

-Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science vs. Pantheism p. 14:19-22)

Christian Science U.S. armed services personnel registration

Are you or someone you know a Christian Scientist serving in the U.S. Armed Forces? If you are, this is important information for you!

The Mother Church endorses professional Christian Science Chaplains in all branches of the service in order to provide for the needs of our Christian Science service members. Christian Science service members face unique challenges during their military service and our Christian Science chaplains are especially equipped to support them. If you are a Christian Scientist serving in the U.S. military, The Mother Church would like to support you. Please register your contact info with the link below, or download the PDF Personnel Registration form and mail it to the address on the form. A Christian Science chaplain will contact you shortly. If you know a Christian Scientist serving, please pass this website along to them so they can register.

The benefits of being contacted by a Christian Science chaplain include:

  • Metaphysical support
  • Support while deployed
  • Connection to Christian Science church services while deployed
  • Assistance obtaining Christian Science literature
  • Contact with the greater community of Christian Science service members
  • Assistance receiving religious accommodation to practice Christian Science in the military

To contact a Christian Science chaplain directly, please email: