Clerk to Clerk


Learning from each other

Clerk to Clerk provides an opportunity for clerks to learn from each other about the vital work of being a clerk of a Christian Science branch church or society. It also allows clerks to share ideas with The Mother Church and each other about making communications as effective as possible.

Group people for Clerk to Clerk

Clerk to Clerk forum

Over 40 clerks have joined a private Facebook group where they can ask questions and share ideas. You are welcome to participate too. You will need a Facebook account to participate.  

  Clerk to Clerk online forum

Reference materials for clerks

Record Retentions: you can use this guideline (offered by The Mother Church) on record retentions.

Christian Science Practitioner Roundtables (available for branches): please contact Connie Coddington, C.S.B., Manager of Christian Science Practitioner Activities, at

For more information: email To contact Valerie Unger, Manager of Branch and Reading Room Activities, email

Here is past information that you might find useful. 

March 2014 Clerk to Clerk conference call and survey

Over 100 clerks joined with Lyle Young, Clerk of The Mother Church, on this conference call. You can listen to a replay here. In the follow-up survey, clerks contributed ideas of what would be valuable to them as Clerk to Clerk goes forward.

Replay the 2014 conference call  2014 Survey Summary 

October 2013 Clerk to clerk conference call and survey

Around 280 clerks participated in the first Clerk to Clerk conference call in October 2013. Then they shared their ideas with each other via a survey. In their responses to the survey, clerks contributed a wealth of ideas from the highly practical to the deeply inspired.

Replay the 2013 conference call 2013 Survey Summary