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Your questions—your Church community’s answers. Each week, we’ll feature a new question from the Field, with responses from two experienced spiritual thinkers to kick off the discussion. Next, it’s your turn to help bring new insights, ideas, and solutions to light by posting a comment or participating in our discussion forums.

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Mike Davis, researcher at the Mary Baker Eddy Library, and Christian Science practitioner and teacher Susan Mack offer a historical perspective and inspired ideas on how they have thought about the church solo.

Christian Science practitioners and teachers Stormy Falso and Tim Mitchinson share helpful ideas on how to more openly share Christian Science with our communities.

Christian Science practitioners Phil Davis and Dee Sharples offer helpful insights for branch churches considering how to ensure their business meetings stay mission-oriented.

Ginger Mack Emden and Mark Unger share helpful ideas and experiences for a Sunday School looking to embrace young families with no prior connection to Christian Science. 

Don Wallingford and Beth Schaefer consider how membership in The Mother Church blesses Readers. 

Lois Herr and Lindsey Biggs offer prayerful ideas to a church dealing with differences of opinion and gridlock.

John Kohler and Kate Robertson share helpful thoughts on prayerfully supporting Sunday School classes that are engaging and vibrant.

John Biggs and Rebecca Odegaard consider more deeply how Christian Science branch churches can (and do) celebrate Christmas. 

The Church Alive team and community shared a few of the reasons they are grateful for chruch.  Be sure to add your own gratitude in the comments section! 

Reading your question I immediately thought of Jesus and his twelve disciples. What a family! Imagine sitting around with the Master-Teacher, listening, praying, and sharing deepest thoughts of Life together.

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