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Your questions—your Church community’s answers. Each week, we’ll feature a new question from the Field, with responses from two experienced spiritual thinkers to kick off the discussion. Next, it’s your turn to help bring new insights, ideas, and solutions to light by posting a comment or participating in our discussion forums.

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Christian Science practitioners Lois Carlson and Elizabeth Kellogg share healing ideas for anyone cherishing a greater sense of compassion among church members.

Two practitioners and experienced Readers share their insights into the Manual By-Law which states that Readers “shall make no remarks explanatory of the Lesson-Sermon at any time.”

Christian Science practitioners Mark Swinney and Christie Hanzlik offer some helpful prayers with regards to tithing and a deeper sense of financially contributing to Christian Science branch churches. 

Practitioners and Teachers Fenella Bennetts, Elise Moore, and Lorenzo Rodriguez offer inspired thoughts for a branch church praying about the decision to remain a church or become a society. 

Church Alive's Bill Warrick responds to a question about church growth for

Sandy Sandberg and Susan Jostyn explore the utility of online resources and online church services, and the continuing value of local branch churches.

Responses by Mark Swinney, Dawn Marie Cornett, Ute Keller, Evan Mehlenbacher, Lynne Buckley-Quirk, and Wendy Winegar

Responses by Kevin Graunke and Marian English offer healing ideas for a difficult church situation.

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