"Our mission is to heal" by Anna Bowness-Park

In a keynote address, Anna Bowness-Park CS, Committee on Publication for British Columbia, Canada, provides an inspired (and at times witty) perspective on our God-given ability to heal.

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  1. Thank you Anna for helping me re-gain, re-connect, re-activate my mission. With loving regards always Jane

  2. This talk is very inspiring and arrested my thinking. It put me back on track to stay focused on all that God is within us and heal.

  3. Wow! Thank you soo much, Anna, and Church Alive for posting it. Very inspiring and rousing to action!
    Love and gratitude,

  4. Thank you so very much, dear Anna, for this strong, kind, powerful lesson of Christian Science healing. I can very much use it. It was as if your said each sentence specially for me. I am grateful to have opened this to the lecture. Just great !!!

  5. That was incredible, outstanding! Thank you Ana and thank you at the Mother Church who enabled this to be distributed to those of us who would not have heard this without you. I expect to practice what I have known and experienced since my youth. Thank you!

  6. One of the most potent and loving messages I have ever heard...thank you with all my being.

  7. Absolutely awe inspiring, Anna ! Thank you so much. No excuses, no failure, just get on with it !

  8. Absolutely outstanding, Anna. Thank you so much for that inspiring talk on the healing practice of Christian Science. No excuses, no failure, just get on with it !

  9. This is a dynamite talk.....a true call to action in healing, not only ourselves, but all mankind with love, humility, focus and confidence. Thank you so very much. What a bedrock of Truth has been offered here!

  10. An answered prayer Anna. I asked and God answered. You delivered the answer wonderfully. Thank you for your life practice of healing that has led you to these answers. Thank you for reminding us to get "i" out of the practice. Thank you for all you have learned and shared today. It was a healing message for me and I am sure for everyone.

  11. Always when I experience difficulties,and then "suddenly" blessings present themselves.I offer "praise and thanks to Divine Love"...On occasion this question surfaces: Am I a practitioner who is unaware of his "gift?"..........I will keep your video....gracias,merci,thanks........God bless!

  12. God picks, gets you ready to meet the onslaught of mortal mind that always tries to tear down success. Success in healing involves the ability that only God supplies to put a deaf ear to limitation, distraction and fear.

  13. I took 2 pages of notes from your talk. I liked the idea of having a testimony meeting every day. Your talk made the practice seem so natural for us all. Thank you for reminding us what our mission is: TO HEAL.

  14. A great talk and I decided to download using the guidance given in "How to download". It came down as a .mp4 file and when playing I discovered at the end the sound and lips were out of synch. I solved by importing to iMovie and finalizing, and sharing by selecting export. The product came out as a .m4v and the lips are in synch. If that is a download choice, recommend selecting .m4v

  15. I loved every minute

  16. No matter how often I listen, it is just Wow! Let's go do it, because God is already there with us!

  17. The Christ has spoken loud and clear in this timeless and important message. Anna's personal journey including her experience as a Christian Science healer is reminiscent of Paul teaching in the churches.
    I was so grateful to be able to pause the message countless times, reflect, pray, listen and also take notes:) Our mission as a church, Christ healing, has just recieved an important and loving message of great hope and encouragement today. I am renewed in spirit.

    Thank you Anna Bowness-Park. Thank you Christ message.

  18. That was our mission and our mission hymn at A/U Camp way back in Summer of 1971! And I've never stopped knowing it's power and grace within and for the benefit of others.

  19. This is absolute wonderful Thank you, thank you for sharing , God bless

  20. This powerful address has been profoundly instrumental in my life. By far, it is the best I have ever heard on the importance of healing and starting a healing practice.

    Ms. Bowness-Park's words are straight from the heart of God to his Reflection, and I will tuck away her sermon for safe-keeping in the years ahead.

    Bowness-Park has identified the primary errors of animal magnetism that would (supposititiously) attempt to block God's Reflection from shining through. She also identifies the characteristics of True Healing Practice, that sets authentic spirituality apart from mortal counterfeits.

    This address is of God. I cannot exaggerate how pure and profound Bowness-Park's words are.

    All good things, all good blessings, ever-flowing, ever-flowing...


  21. My daughter and I just listened intently to your inspiring talk and loved every bit of it. It helps both of us to get back on track and value this great gift of healing we all have.

  22. How very wonderful, clear, FOCUSED, inspiring, practical, and full of love. So grateful for this angel message and our small but mighty band around the world.

  23. PURE INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With DEEPEST gratitude Anna,

  24. A friend highly recommended this and forwarded it to me. I just love what you said here, Anna, and how you said it. So right-on and just what I needed to hear, just when I needed to hear it. God is good! Many thanks for your insights, humility, inspiration, and humor. So very healing.

  25. Awesome. Haven't stopped thinking about the ideas presented.
    Doug, Illinois