Northern Australia Summit videos

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Julie Swannell welcomes participants to the Northern Australia Church Alive Summit 2014.

Summit participants sing Mary Baker Eddy's poem "Love" from the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement, Hymn 435.

Bill Warrick, Manager of Church Alive, reflects on the concept of "Church Alive."

The Christian Science Board of Directors responds to questions that were sent in from the Field. 

Madelon Maupin, Bible Educator, explores the Biblical development of the concept of Church from the Hebrew people to Jesus to the early Christians to today.

A small group, later joined by the congregation, sings a new setting of the familiar hymn "Love," set to the traditional Australian folk tune ʺMoreton Bay,ʺ arranged by Mark O’Leary.

Dorothy Estes, CSB and Marshall Ingwerson, Editors of the Chrisitan Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald and the Christian SCinece Monitor respectively, discuss how the periodicals support healing.

A small group continues the discussion with Madelon Maupin, Bible Educator, about how lessons from the early Christian church can be applied today.

A small group, moderated by Deb Packer, explores how each member can contribute to the healing atmosphere of church services.

A small group, moderated by Carey Arber, CS, considers the importance of being inclusive and kind in branch church activities and business.

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