What should church look like? Youth perspectives

Youth breakout hosted by Chet Manchester explores with youth, qualities they want to experience in their church community and provides the opportunity for them to build an inclusive church.

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  1. Beautiful, Beautiful Young People with Beautiful Ideas!

  2. Yes, agree w/Bevi. Beautiful thinking young people. "The time for thinkers has come", Mrs.Eddy writes.
    Indeed. It's the young people who are thinking "out of the box". How we need them!

  3. I can see a great future for some practitioners, teachers and lecturers right here!
    Talk about vibrant, invigorating, inspiring!
    I can remember the first Youth Summit held in Southern California, and these children have made such a magnificent transformation from that first Summit. Christian Science is certainly alive and thriving in all parts of the world!
    Well done, all concerned!

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