Deep South Summit videos

Bill Warrick's opening comments on Church Alive and our "saltness"  

A lecture by Chet Manchester and Anne Early drawing from Mary Baker Eddy's own words

Kemi Awosile from TMCYouth shares practical ideas for Sunday Schools at the Deep South summit

Two experienced readers, John Holland and Cynthia Barnett, conduct a "mini" Sunday service with a focus on making the newcomer feel more welcome, comfortable and loved (Deep South summit workshop) 

After Hurricane Katrina hear how one church returned after the storm stronger than ever

The Christian Science Board of Directors share ideas related to Church Alive and the theme for the Deep South Summit: "...the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations."

Shirley Paulson, Chet Manchester and Juli Vice share ideas related to communicating with fellow Christians and other faiths about Christian Science (Deep South Summit)

Hear three short talks.  "The Parable of the Red Flags," "Church the Expression of Truth and Love Demonstrated," and "A Church Clad in the Panoply of Love" from the Deep South Summit

Lecturers Julie Ward and Shirley Paulson share ideas about healing lectures.  Five other lecturers were asked to comment on an important element that makes a healing lecture, and the two speakers expounded on each of these points (written handout only)

A panel of three, Kitt Wittich, Carolyn Worsham and Kevin Reeder, share ideas about church services at the Deep South Summit.

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