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What happened at the Summit?

The South Africa Church Alive Summit took place on 6 and 7 April 2013 in Gauteng, South Africa. The summit theme was, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings."  It did indeed provide us with an opportunity to come together to share ideas, and explore expressions of church that, as the Board of Directors wrote: “reach well beyond [their] physical forms and that shine with the same vibrant spirit Christ Jesus urged throughout his healing ministry.”

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If you were at the Summit, why not share your comments, queries and favourite moments in the comment thread below. If you were not at the Summit, we would also love to hear your responses. 

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We like to think of the Summit not as a once off event, but as a beginning. Please join our community if you would like to continue the conversations begun at the Summit. This also applies to those who were not able to attend the Summit. 


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  1. Hi - Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into organising this. Can you re-consider holidng it on a Sunday. This will impact on Church servicces in the whole of SA. Where I live there are a few new attendees who attend our services regularly. I could not consider not being there to conduct the service for them and would not think it correct for there to be no other members there if they all went to the summit. However,will keep praying and knowing that we are all of One Mind. Lots of love to you all.

  2. Hi Rozanne: Many thanks for your thoughtful email. Some churches have decided to shut for the Sunday, as the Summit will include a church service itself - and the advisers in Boston say this is fine if individual churches/societies so decide..
    Alternatively it might be a " growing" opportunity for a smaller group (those not attending the summit) to meet in your local church or a home to read the lesson together?.
    It is, as you say, something we all need to pray through.
    with loving thoughts.
    David Canning

  3. Hi Rozanne,
    We in Pietermaritzburg were worried in the same way you are, and so wrote to The Mother Church to ask what there view would be. They said it would be quite all right for the church to close on that Sunday, having given warning of our intention. They also suggested that, if practical, an arrangement could be made for those affected by the church service being cancelled, to listen to the service from The Mother Church via the internet.

  4. Dear Organizing Team,
    I seek your frank, and prayerful perspective. I am exploring the possibility of attending the SA Summit in April. Please tell me how my presence [& my participation] might be an asset to the Summit.
    Now let me explain ( <-; ). I don't think you want Americans talking too much about how we do things over here. I think folks from outside of South Africa, should quietly listen to the successful activities of African churches, and humbly adapt that spirit of sharing when they get home. We Yankees have much to learn about loving our communities.
    Now the fact is, I would love to be there to appreciate the 'zeal' of CSt's in your vital continent. If I can not arrange to come, I would certainly like to send donations to support the event.

    So I ask,"In what ways could my presence contribute to the Summit goals?"
    [ or, "What is the appropriate behavior for Yankees coming to the Summit?"

    What kind of a CSt am I ? (Does that help you make suggestions?)
    30 yrs, sociology professor (retired), father of 2 inter-racial kids (adopted), TMC since age 16, most church posts & now 1st reader [Madison, Wisconsin, USA], spent 4 wks in Uganda, visited branches
    in Jinga & Kampala, & CSO. Praying for awakening in the CS church culture in USA, but with patience.

    I thank you for a brief answer &/or references. May all your listening & planning be satisfying.
    Cheeeeeeeeeeeers, bill kilgour ( <-; )

  5. Dear All,
    From one who has been on the prayer team for both the German Church Alive Summit and for the UK Church Alive summit, what you are doing is SO vital. Attending the UK summit was SUCH a privilege and still the ripples are being felt. We ARE united in one band in Christian Science, as it were the Christ reaching into every heart and home. If there was any way in which the supportive heart in any country could participate even by listening and praying whilst the sessions are going on, then let the Summit be available over the Internet or by some more particular means

  6. Hi Bill

    Thank you for your post. We would love to have you at the Summit. If you are still thinking of attending the Summit, you may want to fill in the survey and send it to the Summuit Team (the link to email the Team is above). You can find a paper version of the survey here: This should help us to identify how you might want to contribute to the Summit.

    With love

    Emma Bekker
    Summit Team Webmaster

  7. Dear Organising team,
    The Summit sounds wonderful and know all our members in Zimbabwe would just love to be there...only one challenge is that this is a long way for everyone to go...It can be quite difficult getting through the border post and air fares are too expensive but lets see what our members all say to this. As the Clerk I will approach all and see what unfolds....know it will be so successfull and fun.
    Thank you for the invite.
    Chrystal Wynn
    Harare, Zimbabwe.

  8. Dear John

    Thank you for your support and wonderful message. We would love to have prayerful support for the Summit from Christian Scientists anywhere in the world. Regarding broadcast of the Summit, we have no definite plans at present, but we may broadcast parts of the Summit online. If so, there will most likely be a link to the broadcast from this web page.

    With love

    Emma Bekker
    Summit Team Webmaster

  9. Very good idea for us here in Tlokweng, Botswana its not that far to come except that our employers cant allow us to conviniently attend b'cause we have just begun work at the year beginning and almost everyone is so busy. In addition, the cost might be rather prohibitive including processing SA Visas since some of us are foreigners here. But we shall keep our brothers who attend in prayers and pls, send us online the chosen topic discussed at the summit. We shall be grateful.
    Francis Mugweri

  10. Some members are asking about financial assistance.....the link does not seem to be on this page.

  11. Dear Chrystal

    Thank you so much for your messages. I believe that someone from the Summit Team has contacted you. If not, or if you have further questions, please email You are correct that the financial assistance form is not yet on the webpage; it is still being finalised. In the meantime, you may want to consider whether others within your church, or the church itself, may want to contribute to the Summit costs for those needing financial assistance. If you would like more information on the financial assistance that will be available, please email

    With love

    Emma Bekker
    Summit Team Webmaster

  12. We would love to attend the summit(Botswana Tlokweng branch) but before we send application we are suppose to fill financial aid forms but we cant see it on your webpage, kindly help promptly.Thank you and also more information on financial aid itself ,

  13. Hi Mugweri, Chrystal and Bakhwi

    Thank you for your messages. To find out more about financial assistance available you can speak to your Church Liaison, a member of the Summit Team who is in contact with your church, or email If you want to proceed to fill out the financial assistance form, click on the "Register online" button. The registration form will open and in the first paragraph of the first page you will see another link to the financial assistance form.

    I hope this is of assistance.

    With love

    Emma Bekker
    South Africa Summit Team Webmaster

  14. Is there a specific theme for your Summit! I wondered if the quote in the picture at the top was specific to it, or just a general one? Glad to be supporting all your good work! Much love to you all.

  15. "Let God be magnified" the Golden Text for this week's Bible Lesson is a great goal for the success of our South African Summit.....the highrst goal. Much gratitude to all involved

  16. For those leaninig on the sustaning infinite, it is big with blessings.
    Very greatfull to belong to the family of healers. VIVA SOUTH AFRICAN SUMMIT.

  17. Dear Fenella: Thanks so much for your comment and support. The Summit does not have a formal and specific theme, as such, but we have weekly prayer subjects which we are happy to share with anybody requesting them. However the words above - "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings" - are a guide to our thoughts and plans. David Canning (for SA Summit team)

  18. Thanks all for your support.

    With love

    Emma Bekker
    South Africa Summit Team Webmaster

  19. Our shower Christ Jesus ,all he did he started his work or healings with His Father and our Father too.
    The practitioner Jesus never started his healing seing on earth but heaven.In all our work of healing we must all time start our prayers seing only at heaven. When the practitioner starts to see earth he fails in his minister of healing.
    Heaven means God with us or protection supply with us goodness with us.
    The really meaning of heaven is: our state of thinking not a place where God is .We know that all of us.
    Our churches must be included in our thoughts .We have to be at heaven all time to see only as what Jesus saw in his minister of healing.This is too our meeting in South Africa. it is in our thought all of us .

  20. I am so glad to be praying,supporting all your infinite spiritual ideas and resources for this event.

  21. So grateful to have been at this Summit. What an inspiring experience. Wonderful to have been able to share with so many from around the Continent of Africa. Thanks to all those involved in the organization of the Summit.I am so glad the Songburst Group was included, their contribution was of great importance and so much appreciated.The music was one of the highlights for me and of course it was wonderful to have Chet Manchester and his wife Anne there with us as well. Great to see so many youngsters there as well. A big thank you !!

  22. What a wonderful Summit. I was so glad to have attended and really got a lot of spiritual inspiration which I can use. I really enjoyed the break away session of Inspiring Church Music given by the group Newsong. What a magnificent way to do things. Am really feeling inspired to share with my branch church some ideas that I got from them. I really enjoyed the music and would like to thank the Summit Planning Committee for all their hard work that they put into organising this event for all the branch Churches in Africa. I look forward to the next Summit.

  23. What a wonderful experience and privilege to have been a part of this Holy event. God is so good and He will continue to support and uphold this state of consciousness. My gratitude is unbounded to have been blessed to be there - what a Pentecostal event.

  24. So grateful to have been included in this wonderful Summit. I would echo what 21 has said. the music was so special to me. Great to have had the opportunity to meet Chet and Anne. The love and serenity which they expressed were felt by everyone, and so appreciated.

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