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The Philippines Church Alive Summit, held in Baguio City, April 25-27, 2013, was a feast of ideas and fellowship! It was designed to gather members and friends together for engaging with Mary Baker Eddy’s vision for Church and to examine how each of us can more actively fulfill its healing mission.

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What’s moving and shaking across the Philippines region in our churches, societies, and groups? Here is some of the latest inspiration and activity from our community.

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Have an inspiring church experience to share? Have a challenge in your church that could use a little inspiration? If you meet quarterly as a church community, you might discuss the topics in the "community discussions" listed below and then click on the topic to post your meeting notes as a comment.

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Starting the discussion in your branch

Workshop suggestions: View the Philippines Summit program for ideas. Select any Church Alive content by Topic or Event. Search JSH Online or Church Alive Blogs or Audio chats

Community discussions

Is your church discussing any of these topics below? Click on a topic and post your news as a "comment" to share with others, or enjoy reading what others in our community are praying about, exploring, and learning in each of these areas.

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  1. May the workshops of this upcoming summit will inspired and encourage for the not only the youth but for everyone!!!God with us...

  2. Your summit will have a great impact on your region and beyond, they will feel your worshipping the Father in Spirit! ... the searching heart will feel the Comforter to whom you have opened your hearts!

  3. Remarkable! Thank you God for the successful 2013 Philippines Church Alive Summit! Kudos to all the organizers. The theme of the summit was to embrace humanity thru Christian Science. In order to do so, first start to help the church grow. During the summit this line was imphasized "Many are callled but few are chosen." Now, how many among the attendees including I/me are willing to sacrifce everything and every one for the church like Mary Baker Eddy in order for the church to grow and in order for the church to embrace humanity. I myself keeps on pondering on it.

  4. The summit was enjoyable, awesome, wonderful and inspiring..... Thank you to all the facilitators, organizers, speakers and participants.... The smile that was shared will be remembered... We continue to "Love one another"as what we have learned in the past summit.......God Bless everyone ^_^

  5. Thank you so much. The Summit was a big help for me to see the beauty of coming together and celebrate the purpose of Church ( Love).

  6. Thank you everyone for "obeying the Christ's call"...the summit was so WONDERFUL!!!,,,full of love, joy, inspiration and many more...

  7. The summit was a wonderful opportunity to explore Truth.Grateful for the unfoldment of Summit around the world

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